Must See Futuristic Innovations
Smell-camera technology, art installations, and more

Madeleine Smell-Camera

Have you ever loved the smell of place so much that you wanted to have it forever? Designer Amy Radcliffe has created the latest smell-camera-technology enabling you to capture a scent, upload it, and then recreate it at your convenience. So now your vacation in Maldives, freshly cut grass, cherry-wood from a campfire, or any scent you love, can be stored as a data file and saved with Radcliffe’s Madeleine. The Madeleine is an “analog odor camera based off Headspace Capture.” By placing a smell source underneath the cone, a device will extract the smell and go through a resin trap to absorb the particles and store the molecular information. Any scent can be saved, and depending on the pungency, this process could take only a few minutes to a full day. To find out more about this impressive camera, check out the website.

Culture Through Instagram

Phototrails, a recent endeavor by Nadav Hochman, Lev Manovich, and Jay Chow, aims to observe “visual patterns, dynamics, and structures of planetry-scale user-generated shared photos” via 2.3 million Instagram pictures from 13 cities around the world. “We show temporal changes in the number of shared photos, their locations, and visual characteristics can uncover social, cultural and political insights about people’s activity around the world.” By utilizing a multi-scale reading of the image data, they are able to see global-scale cultural and social patterns. This is the first large scale project of its kind within the field of Cultural Analytics which seeks to understand culture and how to analyze it. For more information, check our their website.



The Marshall Dicycle 

What’s better than arriving at a swanky event in a new-age-futuristic bike? Doing that with an insane sound system to keep the party going all night long. Yuhan Zhang is the brain behind this beauty, with a sleek new prototype, The Marshall Dicycle. For you musically inclined, this name should ring a bell…this is Marshall as in the incredible manufacturers of top-notch amplifiers and sound equipment. This bike features side-by-side wheels complete with amps for spontaneous ragers, and built in lights enhance the rave experience. For more information on this design, check out their website and watch the video below!


Electrial Storm Simulation Installation

Creative mogul United Visual Artists teamed up with talented design master Sou Fujimoto to give you the My Beautiful City installation at the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion. This innovative collaboration aims “to capture the essence of being inside an electrical storm, exploring the similarities between what is digital, electronic, and the awe-inspiring natural world,” and to fuse “sophisticated design with inimitable atmosphere.” The structure is made from 20mm steel poles and covers 350 square-meters of lawn. This trippy piece appears as a matrix of complicated angles designed to give viewers different perspectives as they walk around its perimeter. The poles flash simulating a lightning storm, and although the installation won't physically shock you, the experience can be “quite startling.” For more information on this new era art piece, check out their website and watch the video below!