Shazam for Clothing Coming Soon
Fashion forward app in development

We were first introduced to the Shazam app for the iPhone in 2008; this particular app allowed us to easily locate the song we heard in the supermarket, on the radio, or while wandering a clothing store. And shortly after, like all new technology, we had forgotten the days when we had to rack our brains to remember the words of a tune in order to frantically search Google for it when we returned home. 

Well now the exact same app is being constructed, however it’s not for music. Yes, you fashionistas out there, it’s for clothes! Just think about all those times you saw celebrities and other common folk wearing an item of clothing you adored but weren't able to establish the designer or brand!

Well the material pain is over, as it’s expected this technology will be at our smartphone finger tips very soon thanks to a company based at Imperial College, London. The company is currently developing the fashion forward app, which will allow its users to snap a photo of their chosen item of clothing, either on the TV or in actual life whereupon they will then be presented with an array of identical outfits available for them to purchase utilizing the photo taken.

The “Find Similar” service was created four years ago by Cortexica. The company spokesperson told the MailOnline that the app would be best utilized for fashion “because it is so difficult to describe items of clothing in words and search for them on the internet, but if you show someone a picture you can see exactly what they’re talking about," and we are inclined to agree!