Reinventing The Skateboard
A skateboard with 8 wheels

For most people, standing, let alone moving, on a skateboard is hard enough, and when it comes to navigating obstacles like a set of stairs or a poorly paved road, it is downright impossible. However, thanks to a new Kickstarter project, these problems may be a thing of the past. The Stair-Rover, and 8 wheeled skateboard, ensures a smooth and care free trip down even the steepest set of stairs.

The Stair-Rover, which began life as a basic longboard frame, utilizes an innovative 'V'- shaped bar to attach the wheels to the axel of the board. Providing 2 wheels in place of every 1, and allowing for the wheels to adequately tilt for increased stability while cruising over rough surfaces and down stairs. Moreover, with the addition of 4 extra wheels, the Stair-Rover offers unprecedented balance when compared with standard skateboards on the market.

Created by designer Po Chih Lai, the Stair-Rover, was built in response to the urban landscape in which its creator was accustomed. According to Lai, his “project aims to create a new experience for users to rove along the landscape of the city.” In giving its users greater freedom over where they can go, the Stair-Rover allows for increased exploration of the urban landscape. Skateboarders no longer have to fear a set of stairs, but rather can enjoy surfing down them.

Although the Kickstarter has until the 1st of August to raise the $75,000 needed to get production underway, a basic set of price points has already been released in expectation of the Stair-Rover meeting that goal. Accordingly, for the do-it-yourself types, a standard chassis can be purchased for about $190. Comparatively, an assembled product, in the standard white color scheme will likely set you back at least $260, with the black version costing a little over $310.

Despite the price, Lai has already raised four-fifths of the money needed to begin production, and will likely reach his goal by the end of July. With that in mind, the Stair-Rover could start appearing in major cities and urban landscapes around the world by years end. In addition, the release of a more stable skateboard, could have the effect of drawing in more people to the sport, many who may have been deterred by fears of falling on their face.

Check out a video of the Stair-Rover in action below!