Ping Pong: Digitally Remastered
Visually augmented table tennis

What happens when one of the world largest tech firms partners with an innovative and edgy media company out of Brooklyn? Apparently, it’s the world first augmented reality ping pong table. A surprise to most, the union between Vice Media and Intel Incorporated has resulted in the Creators Project, a partnership geared towards uniting art and technology in an unprecedented fashion.

One of those creations, Pingtime, will have you jumping to turn off the lights, call your friends, and get ready for some visually breathtaking fun. Utilizing motion sensors in both the paddles and the ball, Pingtime, effectively tracks player’s movements across the board, and, in real time, creates a dizzying light show right on the table you’re playing at.

Better yet, when you’re done playing a normal game of Ping Pong, keep the table on for what may be the most interesting game of Beer Pong you’ve ever played. The trippy visuals are sure to give you and everyone watching an exciting show. While also assuring that your party will definitely be a success. Check out the real-time visuals and user experience in the video below.

With Pingtime, you no longer have to leave your Ping Pong table sitting unused in the corner, waiting for months until a friend stops by and randomly asks to play. Now you can show it off, invite people over, and make a night of it. Whether you’re a Ping Pong fanatic or simply someone who enjoys a good light show while they’re playing a fun game, Pingtime is definitely the coolest table on the market. 

Amazingly, the Creators Project has found the perfect way of taking an old game, and breathing new light into it. Rather then simply adding some new colors or making it glow in the dark, Intel and Vice have teamed up to bring you an entirely unique product. The presentation of trippy graphics and interactive game play should go a long way in placing Pingtime on the map, as well as making it a fan favorite for college students looking to play a little Pong.