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Data Necklace

Did you ever think that your jewelry could be influenced by how many times you tweet a particular word? Combining social media and technology with art is a monstrous task that few artists have attempted to conquer. However, creative genius, Stef Lewandowski, has broken the barrier, and established what he calls “generative art” – which is “using nature-inspired methods to create unusual and interesting things using software.” In doing so, he has successfully established: Data Necklace.

Data Necklace is a "wearable visualization of a person's Twitter feed over time that can serve as a permanent reminder of how often they use any particular word." The individual would select a word that they have used often, for example, ‘love,’ which you can see in the above red necklace, and the text is written down the side of each individual piece. Every segment is laser cut out of acrylic, and corresponds to each month of the year. The best part about this, is that every necklace will be custom made just for you.

Lewandowski has been doing design work since 1996, and it was only later in his career that he realized his true passion: creating something physical, something tangible while integrating his software development skills, and his aptitude for design. He manufactured a basic prototype for a friend, which he deemed the ‘Awesome Necklace’ – appropriately named because the word that was selected was, ‘awesome.’ Since his friend loved it, and how could she not, Lewandowski mulled it over, and eventually, Data Necklace was born.

This product allows for a seamless fusion between design work, software development, social media, art, and fashion. Data Necklace made its debut at the Whitechapel Gallery in London, and was an instant hit among onlookers, art-lovers, fashionistas, and techies alike. By linking all of these creative facets together, it begs the question if tech and wearable fashion will become the next move for tech developers, artists, and software designers as it targets multiple demographics, and if we may say, it looks absolutely stunning. You can sign up to have one made personally for you, just click here.

Check out the slideshow below to see more!