A complete immersive viewing experience

Get in the action with the new LG Curved OLED TV. This impressive piece of design technology is fitted with a 55-inch curved screen, is only 0.17 inches thin, weighs less than 38 pounds, and is the first OLED HDTV with an energy star certification. It also is said to have an estimated yearly cost of only $18. Does this sound too good to be true?

This dream TV not only will adjust the brightness according to the environment, the most intriguing aspect of it, naturally, is the curved screen. Changing the fundamental concept of the television truly represents a new design statement, and is the first major change in the industry since the flat-panel TVs took over the consumer marketplace more than 10 years ago.

OLED stands for: organic light-emitting diode. Basically, you are going to get some of the clearest and most vibrant colors and images you will ever see from a commercially available product. Not only this, but the LG Curved OLED TV reportedly  “offers an IMAX like viewing experience in the home.” Some of the featuers include, a "THX Display Certification, thin transparent film speakers, a WRGB four-color pixel system which features a white sub-pixel that works in conjunction with conventional red, green, and blue pixels, Internet-enabled entertainment options, voice recognition controls, and 3D viewing capabilities." 

I don't know about you, but this has to be one of the most insane new gadgets on the market. This is perfect for any game room, and all of you sports fanatics, movie-lovers, and everyone in between. Make sure to check out the new LG Curved OLED TV, and check out the slideshow and video below for more information on this incredible product!