A Shirt For Every Male Type
One size doesn't have to fit all

If you’re the guy who would rather stay home and watch  Breaking Bad than search through clothing racks for the perfect fit, then shopping just got a whole lot easier! No need to rely on the good ol’ one-size-fits-all, Stantt clothing brand is here to accommodate your needs by creating sizes modeled after your individual body measurements. The Hoboken-based trademark company uses a body-scan data system to make tailor-made clothing easy, quick, and accessible for over 1,000 ranges of male body types.

The company launched after founder Matt Hornbuckle started creating shirt sizes with data collected from digital models, ages 25-35. The company then began a Kickstarter campaign aiming to launch their first clothing line of casual button downs and polos. Hornbuckle credits the company’s range of sizes to only three main measurements: chest width, waist width, and arm length.

“If you look at some of the big stores out there where a lot of guys shop, their casual shirts have 50 different styles, with six to seven sizes, and those numbers add up in a big way.” Hornbuckle told Techcrunch. “What we’re focusing on is a line of being really simple and straightforward. We’re going to focus on just the essentials.”

Apparently some stores already use body scanning data, but Stantt distinguishes themselves by using personal body scans to manufacture shirts already waiting in their warehouse. Those days of treading through five basic sizes are almost over, since “they only fit about 15% of men,” according to Hornbuckle’s data conclusions. Stantt allows you to measure yourself, enter in three numbers, and have the corresponding shirt/size of your choice shipped to you just like that!

Stantt will offer more styles and garments based off of demand. Check out their campaign video below.