The Key To Your Heart
Nymi makes identification methods a more personal

If you're anything like us, you know how frustrating it is to have to keep up with an assortment of passwords and keys for almost every device you own. Well, there is a new gadget coming that offers a solution for everyone.  Bionym, the Toronto-based startup has introduced the Nymi, which allows you to use unique cardiac rhythm to authenticate identity. Nymi uses a wireless system to take control of your smartphone, car, and much more. No more interacting with devices, fumbling with keypads, and long complex passwords. Nymi promotes a key-free environment that is safe, secure, and convenient. 

Engineers were able to blend biotech authentication methods with the ease of wearable devices- specifically catering to the tech-savvy consumer on-the-go. The system doesn’t rely on you to authenticate every time you need to unlock something, but rather sustains it’s authentication as you wear it. However, the actual unlocking process is quite simple:The user puts the wristband on and touches a topside sensor with one hand to complete an electrical loop with the bottom-side sensor touching their wrist. That generates the ECG data used to authenticate their identity, and the wristband transmits the ECG (via Bluetooth) to the corresponding registered app, on a smartphone or other device in proximity to the user, to verify the wearer as who they say they are. (via)

Nymi is a three-factor security system that comes with a gyroscope and accelerometer to support gestureunlocking, a battery to power the data capture and transfers, custom notifications that will allow users to configure apps for email alerts or messages, and port support for an open-source SDK (software development kit).

Karl Martin, the CEO and Co-Founder envisioned all these specific functions and more.

“We don’t view this as just a product to unlock your devices, smartphones, etc. Those are security applications. We’re looking beyond that to smart environments. How do we enable hyper-personalised experience?” Martin told Techcrunch.”These are all applications of identity. Security is one application but not the only one, and as far as I know nobody else is doing that,”

Security is still a major cause of concern in society today, but this gadget can eliminate some of the worry. Nymi hopes to clasp onto your wrist and make life a little easier at the touch of a button. The new technology wave is continuing to break grounds starting with big solutions. You can pre-order Nymi  at $79 for an early 2014 shipping or watch the video below to get more information.