3D Printed Sculptures
bringing artists all over the world to one canvas


Tech-meets-art in the 21st century with the launch of a Crowdsourced 3D Printed Sculpture.  Canadian multimedia artist Jeff de Boer and printing startup company PrintToPeer team up to begin working on the sculpture they’re calling “Linked”. The project won $1,000 in funding from the Awesome Foundation and currently has hundreds of participants around the world involved. You can log on to the project website, personalize your own art links, print them out, and ship to the company. The assorted colors of medallions will be linked together like mosaic chainmail, then placed into a custom-built frame. Once in the frame, the sculpture can be transported from one venue to the next.

“The distance between art and technology is beginning to not just close; it is beginning to merge.” said de Boer in a press release.


The art project represents progression in engineering and technology, lending itself to an artistic democracy within three dimensional mediums. Being able to distribute a canvas no matter where you are on the planet is what sets this project apart from the rest. Makers and Hobbyists are equally privileged and valued to the outcome.

Linked” will be the first collaborative art piece of its kind to feature a wide array of anonymous makers working together to foster the power of community. The fully-assembled piece will belong to the masses and they are welcomed to show off their customized logos as a part of free advertisement.

By browsing current submissions on the website, you can start to see the final product of the sculpture.  “Linked” will display for the first time at Beakerhead in Calgary, Alberta (Canada). The deadline to submit your design is September 9th.