Shadow: The App of Your Dreams
This gorgeous new app is as functional as it is beautiful

Ever find yourself stumped, trying to recall the details of a dream you just awoke from? In most cases, by the time your feet hit the ground, you've forgotten what your dream entailed; vague details might make their way to your memories surface, but for the most part, you remain perplexed, and feeling a bit empty.

However, now with the development of Shadow, a new app recently launched on Kickstarter, you may not only be able to keep track of your dreams, but use the data to chart the landscape of your subconscious.  While it's still too early to tell for certain, the data that Shadow gathers while we dream may provide greater insight to our habits and behavior.  And as an added bonus, the app includes an alarm clock that gradually lifts the user from deep (hypopompic) sleep, disposing the need of the standard alarm clocks that monotonously, and brazenly beep their way into our peaceful calm. 

With the foundations of the app complete,the designers have put the project on Kickstarter in order to help with the finishing touches, and enlighten the team as to what the users wish to see from the app most. For now, the app's most salient functions are the ability to voice record your dreams and share that data with anyone, as well as cross-reference that data with previous dreams to look for patterns. And there's no need to worry about others being able to peek into your subconsciene: the app allows you to control who sees your data, if you decide to share it at all.

Let's be honest--most apps out there don't add that much meaning to our lives, aside from offering mild entertainment and resourceful solutions. In so much the ability to recall a dream in detail and gain valuable clues about your brain's activity by way of an app, is undoubtedly, kind of a big deal. Contratry to popular belief, the brain is still very active, churning through memories and working through problems.  An app that can provide understanding to how your brain works can certainly add insight and depth to how we function, and coupled with the data of brains around us will even help answer the nagging questions our subconscious raises (Wired).

Sign us up for that! 

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