3 Things To Know About IPhone 5s, 5c Or Apple iOS7
what makes the new device unique

Waiting in lines can be a hassle, but for Apple’s new Iphone 5s and 5c people are willing to grin and bear it. Eager fans waiting outside Apple stores suggested that the unveiling was the highest record launch in iPhone history. The high-end iPhone 5s and the cheaper iPhone 5c went on sale in the U.S., China and nine other territories, culminating to 9 million sells by the end of its opening weekend.

The phones come with the new iOS7 system, a software that controls all the basics of your gadget, including the look, feel, settings and hardware. If you already have an Iphone 5, you have the option to upgrade. However, if you upgrade to iOS7, there’s no turning back.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: why hesitate? Slow down there cowboy, we’ve got a few things you should know about before you take the plunge.

1) Design

Now with more device colors, the iOS7 leaves embellishments behind with its blue on sparse-white screen background.  All the apple icons do maintain an array of colors presenting a vibrant contrast to the stark simpleness of the homescreen. The improvements added to the iOS7 can be seen in the swipe delivery. The swipe re-design makes the phone easier to navigate however swiping can produce different results in lock mode. You can swipe from the margins; down from anywhere on the screen to get the search button, down from the top edge to get the Notification Center, and (locked or unlocked) swipe up from anywhere else along the bottom edge to get the Control Center.

You can speak what you want to Siri such as “Open Settings” or “Open Camera”. Siri will also assist you with iTunes Radio. Just call out a song you want to hear to have it play when the application is open. The Camera app has a better design accompanying modes like Video, Slow-motion video (on the iPhone 5s), still photos, Square photos with Instagram-type filters, and Panorama. AirDrop has also been added to the lineup for all iCloud users, to make moving photos and files to computers easier.

The iOS7 system is a bit of change but won’t require too much re-learning. The layout is basic and everything will function as it did in iOS6.

2) Security and Privacy

iOS7 has improved its security features for users. The system features an “Activation Lock”, promoted by the NYPD, which secures information on your device in case it is stolen. The program acts as a protective layer on the Find My Phone App and once turned on--it will only open your device with a password.

Once your phone is on, you can enjoy browsing Safari in Private mode. The private button is now located in the Safari web application.

The phone also features a fingerprinting sensor used to register your print with your device. Apple incorporated the feature with hackers in mind. However, some critics worry that hackers may still be able to identify you through impersonation.

3) Freebies

Itunes Radio allows you to create music stations for free! Just log onto the application and start adding or removing tunes to saved playlists. Here are some other apps that come free with the new device; Pages for word processing, Numbers for spreadsheets, Keynote for presentations, iPhoto for photo editing and iMovie for movie editing. Most of these apps usually cost around $5 or $10 each.

Will the new iPhone give you another reason to reach into your wallet? Maybe. Apple continues to create a phone that redefines the word “smart”  with its refined structure both inside and out. Despite the high demand for iPhones resulting in a sold out opening, stores will continue to receive new shipments regularly. The iPhone is a Gold Mine and proves itself to be one nice compliment to a phone call as well.