Sleep Closer To The Stars
a hanging bed that maximizes your living space

Most New Yorkers know what it’s like to live in a bite-size apartment, especially with 2-3 other roommates. Bathrooms are cramped, closets don’t exist, and the kitchen only has room for a mini refrigerator. You probably logged onto the internet, researching ways to maximize living space, because you didn’t buy those IKEA storage combination shelves for nothing! Well we skimmed through the DIY and interior design tips and went straight to the coolest way to cure those apartment woes. Cut decorating research in half by accessing unused space with a Murphy Bed.

The Murphy bed can be described as a wall bed, pull down or fold down bed, but we’re talking about the one that hangs from the sky. The bed is lifted by torsion springs inside a wrought iron basket and placed under a skylight providing you with the ultimate sleeping experience. A typical cozy 500 square feet apartment could benefit from the likes of a bed hoisted off the ground, because it leaves plenty of floor space below for all intents and purposes. Some Murphy bed options include; lighting, storage cabinets, and office components. The Murphy bed is a small step away from the norm, but waking up to the sun has got to be an awesome way to begin a morning in more ways than one. I think it's time to start taking naps!