Becoming The Jetsons
Quirky launches various futuristic machines


We all remember wanting to jump through the television and into Orbit City where the Jetson's lived. Skypad apartments, a Robot Housekeeper (and her push-button space age conveniences), jetpacks, and let’s not forget the flying saucer. The Jetsons wasn’t just a t.v. show, it was an archetype for the most desirable future. It served as a profound statement on what Americans considered a technological destiny to look like. Now more than 5 decades later, the company Quirky makes us revisit.

Quirky launched in 2009 on the premise of “smartening up your home”, by making it a Jetsons-worthy utopia. The company partnered with GE designers to manufacture products that would make getting off the couch a thing of the past! Doreen Lorenzo, Quirky’s GE Partner, plans to turn the business into a 1,000 person design powerhouse, inviting inventors to bring futuristic concepts to life. Ben Kaufmen, Quirky CEO, also imagined a client / designer relationship that would benefit the speed of product output.

“We’ve always classified Quirky as an invention machine,” Kaufman told Gizmodo. “And as time has gone on we’ve been able to take on deeper and deeper types of inventions.”

Quirky will begin launching it’s first set of co-branded GE products over the next month, which will include a smart power strip and connected clock. They will also focus on pH- sensing items from Milkmaid, produce an app-controlled sprinkler system, and a digital sensor for basketball hoops. The services will be controlled by an app called WINK, which is also their software platform.

The Quirky business model doesn’t support house-wide systems, but bridges the gap between consumers and designers with the help of domestic-type experiments. If there’s anything we learned from the Jetsons, its that life should most definitely come with jetpacks and tech-easy appliances. Quirky understands this concept and is working to bring those American futurism promises to fruition. Listen to the Jetson’s theme song while you wait!