Online shopping made simple

Imagine logging on to the web to get some much-needed shopping done.You click on your favorite store site, select women’s or men’s clothing, and get eight products in large images and their coordinating product names on your dash. If you press the spacebar, the options double. You can head to the filter tab to whittle your choices down to even more customized options. Once you select your item, you are redirected to the retailer page to purchase.

Shuttlehub aims to bring this scenario to life with an online shopping experience fit for ease and your immediate gratification. The company sorts through various clothing styles and fits on hundred of different sites to bring you what you’re looking for- instant and simplified.  

Co-founder Joshua Summers explains the technology behind it, “Right now the shuffle is random, but our vision is to curate the products, pull data to the site, and personalize the experience. That will be the IP that will make a difference. The more you use ShuffleHub, the more we understand you.”

Shuttlehub is heavensent for those us that spend countless hours online trying to find the right item without the hassle of seeking out empty dressing rooms or waiting in a long line. The company combines the real life browsing experience presented in your local clothing store, and the comfort and convenience of shopping at an online store to save time.

Shuttlehub sifts through various retailers, to bring you an aggregation of sites like Asos, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, and Selfridges for starters. The site doesn’t need to create partnerships with retailers, which makes organization on Shuttlehub that much easier. However, the company makes money through affiliate links, which varies from site to site.

“We have a very low cost of operation because we just connect the customer with the shop and don’t have to worry about things like customer fulfillment or customer service or distribution. We are the UI for online shopping.” Summers told TechCrunch.

The Holiday season is just around the corner and finding that perfect Christmas sweater is only a spacebar tap away with Shuttlehub. Click this link to watch their demonstration and get information on their official launch on TechCrunch.