The JBL Synchros Headphones Are Here, and They're Awesome
Connor Cruise rocks the top-of-the line headphones at concert in Punta Cana.

 JBL's newest headphones hit the market a month ago, and they've already made a big splash.  Connor Cruise, adopted son of actors Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, was spotted wearing these top-of-the-line headphones while the kept the party rocking until the early morning hours at a concert for Rihanna.

If headphones were cars, then the JBL Synchros 700, the model in the photograph, is a Cadillac.  With leather ear cushions and a die-cast aluminum frame, the sleek design is capable of supporting PureBass technology, and has a rechargeable battery that allows 28 hours of listening pleasure.  These headphones also have an enviable "LiveStage" digital signal processor that provides the listener with lifelike sound   JBL also offers headphones that are in-ear for a more affordable price.  The Synchros also come in the series 500 and 300, with inner ear headphones.  The Synchros 700 cost  $349.95, while the inner ear headphones are a more affordable $99.95  Happy listening!