Wine Lovers Unite!
It's the future; why not drink like it?

Check out what the newest technology offers for the modern wine lover (just in time for Christmas!):

BevWizard Instant Decanter for Wine

 This is a wine cap that, once snapped to the bottle, aerates your wine instantly as you pour it into the glass. The decanter gives your wine the taste it was meant to have, aged and smoother than when you first open the bottle, adding “value” to inexpensive brands. For only $25, you can make any wine a “fine wine” without having to wait for an electronic aerator. Drink with style and convenience.








 Vacu Vin Stainless Steel Wine Saver Gift Set 

This pump efficiently reseals opened wine bottles with a rubber stopper. The pump extracts air from the opened bottle, which oxidizes the wine and keeps it fresh for an additional 7-10 days. The rubber stopper also seals the bottle completely, allowing easy horizontal storage in the fridge or wine rack. For just $20, you can extend your bottle’s life and save your refrigerator or floor from an unnecessary a mess!





  Skybar Wine Chill Drops


These innovative stainless steel “drops” cool red or white wine right in the glass within 30 seconds. Each drop chills two glasses of wine and comes with rubber resting cups that enables easy accessibility on the table or in the freezer.







 Tempour—cooler, aerator, filter, pourer

 Though $65, the Tempour is a worthwhile purchase. Just its ability to chill a bottle of wine with its stainless steel, gel-filled, detachable chilling rod is notable, but the Tempour also filters and aerates your wine as you pour it. The cap is utilized to fit any bottle, and also seals the bottle securely after use. To ice the cake: it’s dishwasher safe!






Skybar Wine Preservation Serving System

 This system showcases three open bottles of wine to serve then preserve up to ten days. It consists of three backlit chambers to hold the bottles, each chamber with 9 programmed options that allows you to serve the wine at its ideal temperature or your temperature of preference. With the press of button, you can dispense your chosen wine into one smooth glass at a time. The system is an extravagance for committed wine enthusiasts and entertainers. Though not available through Williams-Sonoma anymore, Napa Technology is offering a more industrialized version.




 Wine Sack

Only a committed wine enthusiast would make this $70 purchase, but the Wine Sack does look as if it could revolutionize wine drinking on the go! The Wine Sack is a portable wine dispenser with a non-slip rubber base and a sleek, stylish look. It also comes equipped with an airtight spout, easy rinsing for cleaning, and a roomy interior, allowing you add icepacks to chill white wine.

 Vino Vault Professional Wine Cellar

 Preservino’s wine vault holds 16 bottles of wine in a European style cooling system that is also said to be “green”—it is 10 times more effective than standard wine chillers and is known for its quiet operation. An LED window displays one stored bottle of wine, and for $243, you could easily have a coveted convenience item that will lead you into a technologically-advanced future of wine collecting and consumption.


Story by Monica Lloyd