Copenhagen Wheel
The next step in bicycle riding is here.

 As the human population rises and cars clog the streets, it is more difficult to find a method of transportation that does not break the bank or destroy the planet.  Bicycles are cute, but you can sweat like a pig if you ride them for too long.  What if you can have the best of both worlds: the simplicity of a bicycle combined with the technology of a car?  Thanks to the fundraising strength of the Boston startup Superpedestrian and the genius design from Copenhagen Wheel, the bicycle has gotten a facelift that makes getting from point A to point B faster and more efficient.

Launched in 2009 by the SENSEable City Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Copenhagen Wheel is an e-bike with artificial intelligence capabilties.  The rear wheel of the bicycle is equipped with a motion-sensitive motor that detects when a rider is going up a hill, and adding electric support.  The motor is battery operated, but does not require charging.  The battery is able to store excess energy for later use when the rider rolls downhill.

The motor also has a Bluetooth function.  Riders can put their iPhone between the handlebars and can relay information to the rider about traffic conditions, humidity, and carbon dioxide emissions.

Superpedestrian expects to take the first round of orders for the wheel this month, with a wider distribution set for the start of next year.