At The Pool Launches On Mobile
a social network iOS app that puts common interests to the test

Planning a night out in the chilly city and don't want to go it alone? The new social network iOS app At The Pool's got the remedy: 

Create a Shout or pro-active status update that will allow you to alert people nearby of your plans.

For example: "Anyone wanna go ice-skating?"

View available friends displayed based on proximity and make a connection that is easy and spontaneous. Choose an acquaintance, whether new or old, who are looking to meet up and go ice-skating with you.

Once you’ve meet up with that someone, proceed to the rink and let the fun begin!

LA-based startup At The Pool targets connecting people with nearby friends versus users with common interests.

The site had users join “pools” (groups) to help them meet new people who shared a common interest, or who wanted to join in a new activity of some sort, like biking or hiking or yoga, for example. The network was not just about dating, but also meant to help people make new friends or meet professional connects, too. [source]

When the new mobile app launched on the web it was already embracing more than 1,800,000 connections to members in 98 countries by establishing links with pre-existing contacts within neighborhoods, affinity groups, universities, brands, nonprofits, and etc. The company believes in the power of personal connections, while engineering a system that strays away from desktop computers and to smartphones where users can be active together in real time. However, the company will have a greater emphasis on rekindling existing relationships.

“People wrote in saying ‘I had no idea Kevin also lived in Chicago,’ or ‘wow, I hadn’t caught up with Sarah since college, so glad we re-connected,’” said David Zimmerman, head of At The Pool’s business and development.

85% of the At The Pool’s members were under the age of 35 but the app hopes to target millennials who want use it when connecting with people offline for a range of activities.

At first glance, the app emulates a feed-like interface with five different bouncy menu modules hovering at the top of the screen. The app is well designed, but runs the risk of being too busy and difficult to navigate. The app also lacks the ability to “hide” yourself at this present moment.

At The Pool is offering an “open social network” and more than your average message, like, or comment. “Meet-up meets Match.com” when it comes to linking up through common interests. Put your similarities to the test with At The Pool for new experiences and opportunities offline.

Download the At the Pool app now in the iTunes App Store.