Hello Hotspot!
Helping You Keep and Connect With Friends You Already Have


Just in time for the holidays, Hotspot, a brand new and innovative social media application, is now available for download through the App Store!  Hotspot offers a more genuine way of connecting with others. Unlike most social media apps, Hotspot isn’t about finding new friends; it’s about connecting with your current ones. Creators Jeff Ames and Jasjit Singh realized that the discovery of new people was not the issue in social communication, but rather the actual convening of these people as “friends” in reality. Hotspot allows users to locate and contact one another for any social event, whether it be for bar hopping or impromptu meet-ups. Unlike texting, this messaging service enables the user to send out one mass message regarding an event—what, where, and when, along with turn-by-turn directions and also who is going to be there or on the way. Even better, the app is not a closed service. This means that even your those without Hotspot will receive a text message providing a link to open all of the event information in their browsers.

In addition to awesome aesthetic accessibility, Hotspot has an admirable mission to be different than other forms of social media in how it connects people. Ames and Singh see how human interaction is ironically suffering because of technological innovations in social media communication; in turn, they have sought to revolutionize modern relationships with Hotspot. Singh says, “Rather than use technology to help people communicate virtually, we want to use it to help convene people--to help people develop and express their friendships in real life.” Finally, social media innovators who want to bring the humanity back to our technologically numbed population! Real-life friendship means real-life interactions, and Hotspot’s focus on genuine social connection, not to mention its appreciated convenience and usefulness in the wake of holiday celebration, is a great step in the right direction for 2014! Check out the Hotspot on the App Store now, and be sure to give it a try for Joonbug’s New Year’s Eve 2014 festivities!

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