Dear 90's Kids, Tamagotchi is Back!
as if you weren't distracted enough already!

In an age where every game you want to play can easily be downloaded onto your phone within seconds, we have forgotten what it feels like to play games on handheld devices that you actually had to beg your parents to buy for you, i.e. Gameboys, Yak Baks and Bop-It.

Well 90's babies if you haven't had your fix of neglecting yourTamagotchi as it sat at home waiting to be fed while you were at school, you can now relive your childhood, because Tamagotchi is making its way back to the U.S.! 

Re-branded by Bandai as "Tamagotchi Friends", these little egg shaped devices still look the same as they did in 90's aesthetically, but now the little pets have morphed into cartoon-like characters, a big difference from the circle blob with a smiley face we all remember.  They now have names and careers too like musician, chef and pet stylist! They also live in a virtual "Dream Town" where they can interact with eachother online. You can check out all the new characters here

Some other cool features on the new Tamagotchi include short-range communication which allows your Tamagotchi to interact and play with another Tamagotchi by simply bumping your toy with theirs!

So thats the good news and now a little bit of bad news, Tamagotchi Friends wont be available in the U.S. until Autumn 2014. BUT Here is a little teaser video to hold you over until the release! 

We can't wait to get our hands on these Tamagotchi Friends so we can relive our childhood and watch our little digital pets grow!

Just so you can realize how old you're getting, Tamagotchis just turned 17 years old on November 23rd. Happy Belated Birthday little ones!

Check out Tamagotchi then & now below