App It Up!
Nightlife may never be the same.

In every age, and on any frontier, an explorer needs his navigational tools. In so much, the technology of exploration has evolved quite radically over the centuries. We went from the cross-staff, to the back staff, from the compass, to the GPS, and so on and so forth. As human beings we have a natural instinct to explore; we want to find new places where there’s cool stuff, and plenty of action. Now, thanks to the digital age, the wireless age, and the digitally witless age, we no longer have to explore alone. There’s an app that connects every pub bar fly, pub crawler, and high end alcoholic and lets them instantly share their discoveries. Its a little marvel of technology called Untappd.

Untappd is a phone app that connects craft beer enthusiasts and allows them to share their findings as they go from bar to bar, or from pub to pub. Here’s how it works: person A goes to a pub and discovers they have the newest IPA from, oh lets just say Goose Island. This IPA was released in very limited quantities and his a bit hard to find. Naturally person A has a really valuable opinion about said IPA that everyone needs to know right away. Now, despite having no brewing or writing experience whatsoever, Mr. A knows just how to describe the tasty beverage. He'll write his review, and upload it along with his location on the Untappd app for all too see. Before we know it, thousands of people will know A through the new IPA from Goose Island that, “tasted good,” and was “hoppy”. People will see this and flock to said pub to try the brew and upload their reviews as well.

Now, after all that craft beer getting home might be a little bit of a challenge, so here’s another must have app for the urban night owl. Taxi Magic allows you to book taxis in a matter of seconds. This way you don't have to stand in the cold trying to wave them down, and you don't have to call the dispatcher and put them through the trouble of trying to decipher your slurred speech.

If you're not done with your night on the town, or you're too drunk and incorrigible to realize you should go home, there is also a Taxi Share, which connects you to people looking to go to the same hot spots you are, allowing you to share your cab and, therefore, reduce your rate.

So if you're looking to digitally enhance your urban night life experience, check out these new tools of the trade brought to you by the miracle of technology.