2014 Brings Game of Thrones Video Game
Telltale promises Westeros will be explorable in the new year!

Once again, our desire to live our fantastical lives can be met through the innovations in video gaming! Telltale Games announced at the 2013 VGX Awards this past weekend that it will be developing a video game depicting the world of the hit book and television fantasy series Game of Thrones! No set release date has been confirmed, but it will be sometime in 2014. The New Year really can’t arrive fast enough!

Telltale Games has had incredible success with its video game adaptations of Jurassic Park, The Walking Dead, and The Wolf Among Us, and will soon prove itself again with the Game of Thrones video game, which is being created in partnership with HBO. Though definitely in the works, Telltale is keeping the details hush-hush in order to build anticipation and surprise Telltale CEO Dan Connor says, “We’ll be taking advantage of all the fiction to make something great.” Since its news of upcoming release, no information on what specific storylines will make up the video game’s foundation has been confirmed; Connors says, “We’re really just getting into it right now and thinking about characters—who has the most at stake, who has the biggest impact on the world.” Though vague in its release of the details, as well as what gaming platforms it will accommodate, the world of Westeros will soon be at our fingertips in 2014, which is enough to make any Game of Thrones fan, or even the average gaming fan, salivate in anticipation! Hang on 2014, because the gaming world is about to be rocked!

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