App Store Releases JetPac City Guides
Revolutionizing the 21st Century Travel Experience

JetPac, creator of the highest-rated travel app in the App Store’s history, is now presenting JetPac City Guides! This new app allows iPhone users to see real pictures and honest evaluations of their travel destinations by other app users! Through the help of Instagram, JetPac is able to search and analyze over 100 million photos from more than 5,000 cities, compounding and utilizing users’ experiences to build their own travel guides and generate direct and effective reviews of destinations.  

“Jetpac City Guides is like having a personal concierge in the palm of your hands,” said Julian Green, co-founder and CEO of Jetpac. “Users will find a new map to the world’s fun places, and each photo shared is a flashbulb moment, illuminating a place as an enjoyable spot. We are thrilled to be able to make travel planning easier for millions of adventurous people indulging their wanderlust.” Though the use of Instagram photos, users are able to gain a more authentic feel of their travel pursuits and also receive an honest evaluation of the opportunities available in that city.

The fact that JetPac utilizes Instagram photos is its best feature—Instagram offers an authentic, first-hand look at what a travel destination offers to its visitors through the eyes of a real tourist rather than a business. JetPac City Guide users can find activities in their own city, or in a foreign destination, that aren’t typically presented on traditional online tourist sites, such as restaurants with the best views, best secret coffee shops, or even bars that women love, or that are frequented by men with “hipster” mustaches. JetPac City Guides are meant to create a more unique presentation of tourism and a more personalized assistance when traveling. Once again, through advancement in social media, the 21st century tourist has better options and a greater opportunities to have a more exceptional, fulfilling, and stress-free travel experience.