Get Your New Year's Resolutions Done the Right Way
Wunderlist is making accomplishing your New Year's resolutions a bit easier

If you're like us at Joonbug, then you're probably stuck to one, if not all, of your gadgets throughout the day; from your laptop at work, to your smart phone in your hand on the run, to your iPad or tablet when you get home. And every New Year we make promises to ourselves that we'll get healthier or save more money. Well why not use your combined obsession to gadgets and your yearning for a better you this year to your benefit?

Introducing the app Wunderlistwhich was just recently named one of Mac's top apps of the year. It makes achieving New Year's resolutions that much more realistic. It's simple really: Wunderlist manages your tasks with a focus on organization, all within an aesthetic interface. You can create to-do lists, add tasks by time and date and decide when they're due, look at what you've already accomplished and search and sort through everything with ease. All your tasks and lists are synchronized with your Wunderlist account, so you can access it from literally anywhere- from Macs to PCs and everything in between. 

Now, just in time for the holiday, you can get Wunderlist PRO for 50% off. With PRO you can do even more like attach files, have the ability to comment and share feedback, and the ability to create unlimited sub tasks for more organizational success.  

So don't make any more excuses this year or push off your resolutions for the next year. Let your technology help you become a better you for 2014!