Let there Be (Intelligent) Light
Forget "clap on, clap off", and enjoy a well lit room without having to touch a button.

 Ever wish your appliances could read your mind and work how you needed them to without endless adjustment?  A pair of lamps called The Species of Illumination are doing just that.    Working as a team, they both conserve energy and find the darkest corners of the room and brighten them.  One of the lamps, named Darwin (pictured), whose design is reminiscent of a cross between Wall-E and the Pixar lamp, rolls to the darkest places in the room on its own accord.  Its serpentine cohort, Wallace, collects UV rays during the day from the ceiling.  These lamps are not only functional, they're adorable: their designs are non-descript, yet endearing, and their names are an homage to the two most important scientists who contributed to the theory of evolution.  The Species of Illumination duo are presumably the next step in electric light.  Created by Dutch designer Bob de Graaf, a robot builder who is fascinated by human interaction with movement in nature.  He took one of his creations to the park and was intruiged by the public response, and has been tinkering on intelligent robot models ever since.  There's no word on when these will be availalbe for mass consumption, as they're likely still in the development phase, but we're looking forward to buying one of these for friends or family (Wired).