3D Printers Can Now Cast Sculptures
the fast growing technology allows art lovers to recreate sculptures in their own homes


We've already seen the amazing and sometimes scary sides of 3D printing. Recently there have been videos ciculating online of 3D printers making everything from pizza to hand guns that were locked and loaded.

Now 3D printing can recreate famous sculptures to set up in your own home!

Two sculptures leading the pack are The Venus de Milo and Winged Victory, which have just been made available for anyone with a 3D printer to reproduce for themselves. In the past 10 days that the California 3D printing artist Cosmo Wenman has published his 3D surverys of the two sculptures, they have been downloaded almost 14,000 times!

The 3D survey that is available online came from casts from the 19th Century. Cosmo Wenman went to the Basel Museum in Switzerland to scan the casts, take photos and use a special software to create the 3D print model.The biggest size of the sculpture made so far has been 20 inches tall. 

Wenmen told The Independent, “Eventually, 3D printable designs of the entire world’s cultural heritage of sculptural masterworks will be available to everyone.”


Check out the video below that shows just how 3D printers can print sculptures!