Y-Jet Launch 2014
Imagine showing up to your next party by private jet? It doesn't get any cooler than that.

Private jets aren't just for millionaires and villians in Bond movies anymore. Y-Jet, the private jet club, has created a system that allows savvy, rising members of Generation-Y to afford private aviation. CEO/Founder Joseph B. Atiba claims "Y-Jet’s mission is to provide comfortable, convenient, and cost-effective private jet travel." As part of their members-only private jet club, Y-Jetters can request and browse flights, request amenities, and make special requests to  concierge over the phone and online. Annual membership fees are $2,500 per individual, which is a pretty reasonable price for those who travel often and know how expensive traveling can be.

This Tuesday, January 7th, they'll have their 2014 Launch event at the Gansevoort Hotel to ring in the new year. They are partnering with Elizabeth Kennedy Events Clase Azul, FLUROwaterYosi Samra, Elite Daily and a bunch of other cool organizations. Supermodel Nyknor Paul will be hosting the anticipated extravaganza which will educate and expose guests on what will become Generation Y's newest way to travel. Remember if you're going to travel, might as well do it in style.