Introducing the Celluon evoMouse
The evolution of the computer mouse...

For all the children of the tech generation who dub wires as a thing of the past, do we have some good news for you!  Introducing the Celluon evoMouse, looking to make your basic mouse an obsolete tool. With the evoMouse your finger is the pointer. This little gadget can turn almost any flat surface into a virtual trackpad. 

How does it work? Two infrared sensors that form the eyes of the small animal-shaped device track the user's finger movements so you can perform any basic mouse functions with just the click of your finger. That's right you can double click, right click, select, drag, even scroll with the touch of your fingertips. The evoMouse can connect either wirelessly via Bluetooth or can be attached using a standard USB port so anywhere can serve as your desktop- like your dining room table or your local coffee shop booth. The evoMouse also comes with an optional key mat that you can purchase for the perfect pairing. Make your next presentation at work look like something that came out of a spy movie with this nifty little gadget. Check out the video below to see the evoMouse in action!