Sugar Might Be The Future For Batteries
sugar filled batteries would be biodegradable and refillable

Scientists are working on a new battery that will run completely off of sugar. Similar batteries have been made with sugar in the past, but this version is showing the ability to last longer in terms of time and use than the others.

At Virginia TechY.H. Percival Zhang is currently working on an environmentally friendly battery that uses certain enzymes that result in a battery that could potential rid many of our landfills of battery waste.

Here is a detailed description of the sugar battery, "Zhang and his colleagues constructed a non-natural synthetic enzymatic pathway that strip all charge potentials from the sugar to generate electricity in an enzymatic fuel cell. Then, low-cost biocatalyst enzymes are used as catalyst instead of costly platinum, which is typically used in conventional batteries."

If these batteries made of sugar take off we could find ourselves with batteries that would be cheaper, bidegradable and refillable.

One place we wont see these batteries is in the candy aisle. Even though they are made of sugar they are certainly NOT edible!