Avegant's Glyph: The Future of Entertainment
It's a mobile headset for your face!









This fancy looking headset is a multi-entertainment device that transforms from a ordinary headset for easy music listening, to a futuristic headset that allows you to view movies and participate in gaming by simply fliping it over your eyes. Things just don't get much cooler. 

Created by AvegantGlyph The technology used to make the Glyph is very advanced and uses “virtual retinal display” to put the images in the headset directly into your retina. By doing this Glyph does not produce the  “screen door effect", which happens when you place a screen too close to your face.

Glyph can plug into any gaming device, laptop, tablet or phone and become a fully functional screen in which you can watch your favorite movies, play your favorite games and more!

Avegant, the company that wants to produce this virtual movie screen that can be worn over the eyes, took the idea to Kickstarter to try and earn $250,000 for the project. Within a few hours Avegant raised well over their goal and currently have over half a million dollars for the project! Many of the backers have donated at least $500 to Avegant so they can pre-order the device                                                                                            once it is available in stores.

If you would like to own the first Glyph device and have $499 or more lying around, you can pledge to Avegant and you will receive a fully functional Beta Glyph Prototype! Check out their Kickstarter page here 

The Glyph is looking like the future of at-home and on the go entertainment!

Check out the video of the Glyph in action below!