Smell-O-Vision Is Coming To Life!
Introducing the oPhone

Created by the 
Olfactive Project , the art and design center Le Laboratoire in Paris, and a team of students from Harvard University, the oPhone is doing what no phone has ever done before. Sending smells!

Imagine describing the perfect meal you are eating to your friend and instead of having to use words you just send them the scent! Well this fantasy is slowing becoming a reality with the oPhone.

The device is not a phone itself, but is actually a device that connects to your phone.

oPhone is also able to build smells from recipes and can also be attached to other devices like your computer, laptop or music systems and allows you to attach a certain scent to songs, games, etc.

So far during testing the oPhone has successfully sent the smell of coffee from one end of a room to another! Check out the cool video below!

Next the oPhone will make its way to The Lab Cambridge in Boston for a special public demonstration that will take visitors on a walk through Paris using only smells from the oPhone.

Hopefully if it all goes according to plan, the oPhone will be available for commercial use by the end of 2014!