Old Spice Guy Takes Over YouTube
Old Spice Guy takes over web with customized videos for fans and followers.

Users were encouraged Tuesday to ask the Old Spice Guy, played by Isaiah Mustafa, questions in which he would respond, in short 30-second YouTube Videos, in character. The response was overwhelming and the Old Spice Guy fielded questions from journalists and celebrities, as well as regular users.

Mustafa spend the day standing in a bathroom, in his trademark towel fielding questions like “What would happen if you were in a room with a pirate and a ninja?” He customized videos for a string of celebrity admirers, including Ellen DeGeneres, Rose McGowen, and Alissa Milano. He responded to prominent blog sites like Gizmodo and Digg which have written about him in the past. He even helped orchestrate a marriage proposal, and the fan tweeted within hours that she’d agreed to marry him. 

If you haven't ever seen any of the commercials or personalized videos here is one to get you started. You can follow and find a lot of the videos @OldSpiceGuy on twitter or just search for them on YouTube