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Urban Zoom

David Molander
opened up his solo show at Storefront for Art and Architecture at the beginning of August. Molander, a native of Stockholm Sweden, introduces his month-long presentation of an international metropolitan journey with support from the Swedish General Consulate and Arts Council.

At first glance of the feature, your first question is, “Where is the door?” Viewers enter the show through a puzzle-like wall display jutting out onto the sidewalk. The large facade panels hold images from the Occupy Wall Street Movement in 2011 and can be seen from both sides of the streets. The gallery physically tells the story of political unrest and the ever-changing state of New York streets, culture, and life, with the city itself as a backdrop.

AquaTop Touch Screen Bath Tub Display

I have the cure: AquaTop Display. Researchers at Tokyo University of Electro-Communications have been able to transform the bathtub into an enormous touchscreen display. The AquaTop display is a projection system utilizing white water as the screen surface. They use a Kinect, which tracks the movement of limbs, specifically the fingers. Users can interact with the screen in front of them from above and below the water surface. Moving your hand over the bathtub surface, an object will move just like on a tablet. When you touch the water surface, the system provides natural feedback. Two finger zoom is also possible. You can drag and drop applications, scoop up videos to view full screen, and by sinking the application into the water, you can ‘delete’ the application all together.

Is it a Bear? A Sloth? No, It’s the Newly Discovered Olinguito!

If you do happen to be up or near these trees, then look out for the bushy tailed, red-orange furred, rounded face of Mr(s). Olinguito.

But alas, the mystery was solved upon seeing an olinguito for his first time. Helgen reports that he felt "sheer elation, just incredible excitement but at the same time almost disbelief. This animal had been missed by everyone." Wow, we wish we had been there too!

A Shirt For Every Male Type

If you’re the guy who would rather stay home and watch Breaking Bad than search through clothing racks for the perfect fit, then shopping just got a whole lot easier! No need to rely on the good ol’ one-size-fits-all, Stantt clothing brand is here to accommodate your needs by creating sizes modeled after your individual body measurements. The Hoboken-based trademark company uses a body-scan data system to make tailor-made clothing easy, quick, and accessible for over 1,000 ranges of male body types.

Turning Used Coffee Grounds Into Potent Drinks

If you’ve ever made a cup of coffee, you know what you’re left with after the java is brewed - a big batch of mushy, watery coffee grounds. Now, if you’re like most, you take the grounds and the filter, and throw them in the trash. But what if the coffee grounds you threw out on Monday could be used to make your drinks for Friday? It may sound like science fiction, but thanks to some new research, coffee liquor may be coming to a bar near you.

How did they accomplish this masterful concoction you ask? Well, the process is actually quite simple, and remarkably similar to the way you distill any other liquor. First, scientists gathered used coffee grounds from an international coffee brewer. The grounds were then dried, added to water, and heated to 163°C. After that, the water was drained from the mixture, sugar and yeast were added, and the mix was left to ferment. Finally, the coffee concoction was concentrated through distillation and prepared for consumption.

The Future of Aerial Combat

Since the dawn of aerial combat, pilots have needed a direct line of sight to engage their target. However, the days of one-on-one Top Gun style dog-fighting may finally be nearing their end. Thanks to new technology developed by the European Air Force, pilots no longer need direct visual confirmation of their target. Instead, they can engage multiple enemies with the help of a radically advanced helmet.

The New Face of Electric Motorcycles

It seems that while the electric car market has received noticeable attention over the past decade, the electric motorcycle market has received almost none. However, that is all about to change thanks to a brand new bike hitting the streets this year. Introducing the Mission RS, the most advanced, and technologically sophisticated, electric motorcycle on the market.

Custom designed and manufactured by Mission Motorcycles to be the best production bike on the market, the RS, has by all accounts exceeded those expectations. According to Mark Seeger, president of Mission Motorcycles, “We started with a blank slate and set out to create the best motorcycle we possibly could.” And what they produced is beyond phenomenal.

Rob Rhinehart’s Soylent Might Be The Future Of Food

When Rob Rhinehart literally got tired of eating, he researched the nutrient necessities he needed to survive, and ended up making one epic “food replacement.” Rhinehart created a nutritious mixture he calls Soylent, which is a smoothie-like drink consisting of vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients like essential amino acids, carbohydrates, and fat. Ingredients are measured based off of a perfectly-balanced diet needed to provide the body with energy, and maintain good health. Soylent cuts out purchasing, preparing, buying, and cooking traditional food, which people have been doing, basically, since the beginning of time.

Shotgun a Beer in Style

If you’ve ever tried to shotgun a beer then you probably know it can be a bit confusing, and definitely messy. Fortunately for us, the beer gods at Gizmodo have felt fit to bestow some of their worldly knowledge upon us. Meet the “Shark Fin,” an easier, less messy, and perhaps more classy way of shotgunning a beer.

Although not specifically created as a way to shotgun a beer, what else would be the point of puncturing a perfectly good can? The idea does however operate off the same basic principles you would see while shotgunning, although probably a bit more refined. Rather than stabbing the can at the bottom, cracking open the lid and then trying to drink out of the hole you made with your keys, the Shark Fin takes a far more polite route.

Launch a Personalized Spacecraft To the Moon

Thanks to a new Kickstarter, exploring outer space may have just become a whole lot easier. The Pocket Spacecraft Project is a new endeavor meant to bring space travel into the digital age. The Project, which has been crowd-funding for over a week now, allows users to personalize a small spacecraft and send it into orbit.