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Rob Rhinehart’s Soylent Might Be The Future Of Food

When Rob Rhinehart literally got tired of eating, he researched the nutrient necessities he needed to survive, and ended up making one epic “food replacement.” Rhinehart created a nutritious mixture he calls Soylent, which is a smoothie-like drink consisting of vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients like essential amino acids, carbohydrates, and fat. Ingredients are measured based off of a perfectly-balanced diet needed to provide the body with energy, and maintain good health. Soylent cuts out purchasing, preparing, buying, and cooking traditional food, which people have been doing, basically, since the beginning of time.

Shotgun a Beer in Style

If you’ve ever tried to shotgun a beer then you probably know it can be a bit confusing, and definitely messy. Fortunately for us, the beer gods at Gizmodo have felt fit to bestow some of their worldly knowledge upon us. Meet the “Shark Fin,” an easier, less messy, and perhaps more classy way of shotgunning a beer.

Although not specifically created as a way to shotgun a beer, what else would be the point of puncturing a perfectly good can? The idea does however operate off the same basic principles you would see while shotgunning, although probably a bit more refined. Rather than stabbing the can at the bottom, cracking open the lid and then trying to drink out of the hole you made with your keys, the Shark Fin takes a far more polite route.

Launch a Personalized Spacecraft To the Moon

Thanks to a new Kickstarter, exploring outer space may have just become a whole lot easier. The Pocket Spacecraft Project is a new endeavor meant to bring space travel into the digital age. The Project, which has been crowd-funding for over a week now, allows users to personalize a small spacecraft and send it into orbit.

Mobile Love

Love is all you need, and that 4G mobile internet access won’t hurt either! Everyone knows dating can be a little stressful, awkward, and maybe unnecessary sometimes, but hey, it’s a part of life and no one wants to do that whole thing alone. In a big city like New York, LA, or basically anywhere, it can be hard to meet new people and establish relationships, especially if you’re new in town. Having a significant other is like winning the friend lottery, because they can introduce you to new places and faces, all while making you feel all warm inside. However, don’t fret, dating is now a little less dubious thanks to online websites and lately, mobiles apps. Wa-hoo!

Alessandro Acquisti On The New Facial Recognition Software

The war continues in the fight to protect online privacy and exposure of personal data worldwide. It has become increasingly difficult to combat domestic surveillance of millions of Americans - widespread and untargeted. Carnegie Mellon professor, Allesandro Acquisti, recognizes the shift away from online anonymity that has begun to take place in recent years. Acquisti appeared on TedGlobal 2013 to discuss the smart(er) facial recognition software that can use images anywhere online to access information. He spoke about how the new software now operates on a larger database providing information such as a person’s name, date of birth, and social security number from just one photograph.

Installations Beyond the Gallery Wall

This award winning artist has mastered the art of processing a variety of digital concepts with a simple line. Software like Illustrator and Photoshop further enhance his physical presentations by using technical projections to handcraft the designs. Surprisingly, Gilley also uses simple materials such as latex and auto paint, vinyl tape, wood, and aluminum. Gilley told the School of Architecture and Allied Arts blog,

"My practice finds its home in a fine art context, creating installations and large-scale drawings in situ that challenge a viewer’s rational understanding of space. I use these tools to produce work that references digital languages, but are ultimately executed by hand in materials that step away from digital processes, like masking tape for instance.”

This dream TV not only will adjust the brightness according to the environment, the most intriguing aspect of it, naturally, is the curved screen. Changing the fundamental concept of the television truly represents a new design statement, and is the first major change in the industry since the flat-panel TVs took over the consumer marketplace more than 10 years ago.

OLED stands for: organic light-emitting diode. Basically, you are going to get some of the clearest and most vibrant colors and images you will ever see from a commercially available product. Not only this, but the LG Curved OLED TV reportedly “offers an IMAX like viewing experience in the home.” Some of the featuers include, a "THX Display Certification, thin transparent film speakers, a WRGB four-color pixel system which features a white sub-pixel that works in conjunction with conventional red, green, and blue pixels, Internet-enabled entertainment options, voice recognition controls, and 3D viewing capabilities."

iPhone 5S Specs Leaked
Wearable Tech: Hear Better, See More

Introducing Eidos, the brain-child of designers from the Royal College of Art in London. A blend between a facemask and a pair of headphones, Eidos looks like something out of Star Trek. Despite its odd appearance however, Eidos is definitely no joke. The integrated computer system utilizes both high-quality microphones, along with high-definition cameras mounted within the device to produce a superior sensory experience.

Smart Clothes

Our first look at this new generation of ‘smart-clothing’ takes us to Scandinavia, where researchers at SINTEF have invented one of the world’s first ever self-repairing fabrics. The concept works through the use of microcapsules embedded within a polyurethane liquid: that liquid is then applied to the surface of any material and left to harden. In addition, the microcapsules contain a powerful adhesive that is released when the capsules are ruptured; hence, when you tear the fabric it basically glues back together for you. Here you can find an example of this material already in use by a company in the United Kingdom.