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Data Necklace is a "wearable visualization of a person's Twitter feed over time that can serve as a permanent reminder of how often they use any particular word." The individual would select a word that they have used often, for example, ‘love,’ which you can see in the above red necklace, and the text is written down the side of each individual piece. Every segment is laser cut out of acrylic, and corresponds to each month of the year. The best part about this, is that every necklace will be custom made just for you.

Lewandowski has been doing design work since 1996, and it was only later in his career that he realized his true passion: creating something physical, something tangible while integrating his software development skills, and his aptitude for design. He manufactured a basic prototype for a friend, which he deemed the ‘Awesome Necklace’ – appropriately named because the word that was selected was, ‘awesome.’ Since his friend loved it, and how could she not, Lewandowski mulled it over, and eventually, Data Necklace was born.

Fast Cars, Loud Music

Nuclear Powered Car

Can you imagine a car that could last 100 years without any maintenance? Or a car that has a working thorium-fueled nuclear reactor? How about both?Welcome to the Cadillac World Thorium Fueled Concept Car. Charles Stevens, a researcher in the R&D department at Laser Power Systems, says that this kind of technology is well within our reach…so basically, we could see nuclear powered cars producing zero-emissions in the relatively near future. This thorium-powered laser is a “proprietary high-intensity ‘Max Felaser’ laser beam fueled by thorium, and will turn water into pressurized steam, spinning a turbine, and generating electricity." Not only will this produce 250 kilowatts (equal to 335 horsepower), it is small enough to fit under the hood of a car, and it looks freakin’ awesome. The prototype Stevens is working on is not yet completed, however, the concept is innovative, fascinating, and has the potential to change the entire auto industry…where can you sign me up?!

Printing Out Your Lunch

With the addition of simplicity that Cornucopia brings to the process of cooking, it is also brings an entire new frontier - one that has only recently emerged with the advent of 3D printers technology. For example, research suggests that the Cornucopia will allow for, “Entirely novel textures and flavors to be created that would otherwise be unimaginable and which are unobtainable through traditional cooking techniques.” In addition, users will also be able to manipulate the nutritional value, caloric intake,and fat content in any meal they choose to create.

A True Hybrid: Half Plane, Half Car

Starting in 2015, the first ever commercially produced car-plane will be ready for shipment. The Transition, Terrafugia’s flying sedan, is set to revolutionize the way we think about travel. However, not to be outdone by its own expectations, Terrafugia has already begun work on an alternative model to the Transition. Named the TF-X, the concept vehicle will take over where the Transition left off.

Super Sight

In a technological first, the international team of researchers was able to create the world’s first ever telescopic contact lens. The lenses, which generally operate like normal contacts, are able to magnify the wearer’s vision by almost 3 times with the simple addition of some 3D glasses. However, the real breakthrough in this technology comes with the actual size of the device. While in the past, individuals have attempted to build similar products, other variations of the telescopic contact lens have been noticeably impractical.

Vacation on the Moon

For example, travelers can check out one of California’s 9 National Parks, or perhaps Alaska’s 8 million acre Wrangell-St.Elias Park. However, if you’re really looking for an adventure, and want to get away for the summer, Congress may have just the thing for you. Thanks to a new piece of legislation introduced to the floor of Congress, the countries 60th National park may soon be a reality. However, don’t pack up the tent and grill just yet, as you won’t be able to drive to this park. Nor will you be able to buy a plane ticket there either.

Ping Pong: Digitally Remastered

One of those creations, Pingtime, will have you jumping to turn off the lights, call your friends, and get ready for some visually breathtaking fun. Utilizing motion sensors in both the paddles and the ball, Pingtime, effectively tracks player’s movements across the board, and, in real time, creates a dizzying light show right on the table you’re playing at.

Better yet, when you’re done playing a normal game of Ping Pong, keep the table on for what may be the most interesting game of Beer Pong you’ve ever played. The trippy visuals are sure to give you and everyone watching an exciting show. While also assuring that your party will definitely be a success. Check out the real-time visuals and user experience in the video below.

Reinventing The Skateboard

Created by designer Po Chih Lai, the Stair-Rover, was built in response to the urban landscape in which its creator was accustomed. According to Lai, his “project aims to create a new experience for users to rove along the landscape of the city.” In giving its users greater freedom over where they can go, the Stair-Rover allows for increased exploration of the urban landscape. Skateboarders no longer have to fear a set of stairs, but rather can enjoy surfing down them.

Introducing: Hyperloop

Tesla Motors CEO and co-founder Elon Musk is at it again, this time with another bold new plan to revolutionize the way we travel. The “Hyperloop,” as Musk calls it, is an innovative new way to drastically reduce travel times between major cities, states, and even countries. Described by Musk as the “fifth mode of transportation,” the Hyperloop relies on current high speed rail technology, along with centuries old pneumatic technology to effectively transport passengers from one destination to the next.

Shazam for Clothing Coming Soon

Well now the exact same app is being constructed, however it’s not for music. Yes, you fashionistas out there, it’s for clothes! Just think about all those times you saw celebrities and other common folk wearing an item of clothing you adored but weren't able to establish the designer or brand!

Well the material pain is over, as it’s expected this technology will be at our smartphone finger tips very soon thanks to a company based at Imperial College, London. The company is currently developing the fashion forward app, which will allow its users to snap a photo of their chosen item of clothing, either on the TV or in actual life whereupon they will then be presented with an array of identical outfits available for them to purchase utilizing the photo taken.