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We've Found The Coolest Functional Cufflinks on the Internet

Even before the dawn of James Bond, Cufflinks have been the staple of the sharp dressed man. Considered to be one of the few pieces of “Men’s jewelry," the cufflink adds a debonair touch to an otherwise blasé formal shirt. Novelty cufflinks have been popularized over the last few decades, with men choosing from a variety of options to represent everything from their birthstones and favorite sports teams to their hobbies and occupations.

But recently, a new trend has emerged on the cufflink market: Functional Cufflinks. Functional cufflinks are fun, useful cufflinks that can fill everyday purposes, or just keep you discreetly occupied in board meetings. Here are the top ten functional cufflinks that will set you apart from your jeans without setting you apart from fun:

Learn the Art of the Flirt with Smitten, The Way of the Brilliant Flirt

While it’s quite nice to believe in the fairytale adage that someday your prince will come, we all know that, realistically, this is far from true. Dating in the modern world is as competitive as ever, and if you're not ready to bring your A game, somebody else will. It's time to take matters into your own hands and master the art of flirting, the correct way, so you can successfully land the guy of your dreams on your own terms.

In their new book, Smitten, The Way of the Brilliant Flirt, authors Ariel Kiley and Simone Kornfeld work together to give advice on dating, sex and self-realization, coaching you on the art of flirtation as they provide techniques transferable to your everyday life. Ariel and Simone show you how to connect with the opposite sex through subtlety and persistence; whether you think you're a beginner, intermediate or expert flirter, this book will help you to brush up on your skills or learn some new tricks.

The Cleveland Cavalier's Blow Our Minds With 3D Visual Experience on the Court

Come on and slam! This might be the coolest thing in basketball since Space Jam. Okay, total lie. Nothing is cooler than Space Jam.

The brutally awful 2013-14 season put the Cleveland Cavaliers and all their fans in some serious all round sads. With organizational issues and some downright bad luck, the season hasn't left many chances for oohs and aahs... but alas, this has changed!

It's Time to Start Gloving



Paintzen is the Next Generation of Home Improvement

No one likes getting their apartment painted; it’s a chore, and a tedious one at that. You have to move all your furniture, hire workers you barely know and spend endless time picking out paint that never quite looks right in the end. Better to just cover up the nicks in your paint with your old college Pink Floyd posters.

But that was before the world as you know it changed and Paintzen swooped in to save the day. A service designed to make the process of adding a fresh coat of paint to your walls as quick and simple as possible, Paintzen is a one-stop shop for your painting needs. And the results are impressive.

Happy World Sleep Day!

"If we were meant to pop up out of bed, we'd sleep in toasters" - Jim Davis, Creator of Garfield

Are you a morning person? Haha! Just kidding... we found that funny too. We are about as pleasant as a bunch of vampires with a paper route in the morning. Which is why today, the 7th Annual World Sleep Day, might just be our favorite holiday. And as we do for every holiday, we are here to provide you with some of the best ways to celebrate. So forgo the boring pillow, forget about the flannel pajamas, and enjoy these one-of-a-kind sleep approved gadgets on this holiday of pure ecstasy.

Introducing Stack Wine

If you're anything like us at Joonbug.com, you can kill an entire bottle of wine by yourself. However, not everyone can be as lucky to possess such impressive skills, so Stack Wine, a brand new, innovative packaged wine, has got you covered.

For days when you just want one glass of red (or white) after dinner without opening and spoiling a whole bottle, this product is perfect. Comprised of four individually packaged stem- less glasses filled with Cabernet Sauvignon, Charisma Red Blend, Pinot Grigio, or Chardonnay, the quality product provides an easy way to utilize portion control, serve guests, or drink in a casual social setting. The company's new "variety stack" even offers one of all four wine types, to ensure there'll be something for everyone.

Attention All Tech-Junkies: Internet Week NY is Coming in May!

If technology is your passion, make sure you mark the week of March May 19th on your calendar! During this span of time, the Big Apple will be hosting Internet Week NY, where technological innovations in business, entertainment, and culture will be showcased through a variety of festival experiences. More than 45,000 people are expected to attend over 250 panels, meet-ups, exhibits, screenings, parties and more taking place across the city. Additionally, IWNY HQ, the focus point of the festival, will stage the week’s premier speakers at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea. Actor and investor Omar Epps, Netflix Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt, and Buzzfeed Founder and CEO Jonah Peretti are among the contributors confirmed to headline the event. In addition to presentations about the latest technological happenings, a large portion of IWNY HQ programming will be centered around content tracks that focus on how technology has impacted major areas of business. Participants can attend sessions devoted to tech's role in Media & Entertainment, Style & Design, Retail & Commerce, and more.

A Bulletproof Suit Even James Bond Would Envy

Thanks to Swiss company Suitart, there is now a full bulletproof suit on the market. This Diamond Armor, which proudly displays its title of “most expensive custom tailored suit in the world,” is made with over 1,500 black diamonds and comes with a 24 carat gold silk tie.

It combines bulletproof technology from Croshield with the tailoring skills of Suitart (who mainly make fabric suits that are sadly neither diamond nor armor) to produce a suit that is both elegant and can protect you from small ballistics.

VUBE: A New Source for Viral Videos

Finally, a site that is giving YouTube some competition! Say hello to VUBE.com, a new social video site that was created in January 2013 and allows users to post videos in a way that promotes more individualized control over how their content is viewed and received by the world. Unlike YouTube, VUBE presents user content to the world on a massive advertising platform, and in turn, collects user engagement data for the video during an initial test. How each video performs during its test will assign it values in its promotional system, as well as contribute to indexing on VUBE. This is basically an automated crowdsourcing mechanism that tries to make a video go viral, knowing instantly whether the video is gaining traction or not, and then begins to deal with the video accordingly, using the metrics collected.