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VUBE: A New Source for Viral Videos

Finally, a site that is giving YouTube some competition! Say hello to VUBE.com, a new social video site that was created in January 2013 and allows users to post videos in a way that promotes more individualized control over how their content is viewed and received by the world. Unlike YouTube, VUBE presents user content to the world on a massive advertising platform, and in turn, collects user engagement data for the video during an initial test. How each video performs during its test will assign it values in its promotional system, as well as contribute to indexing on VUBE. This is basically an automated crowdsourcing mechanism that tries to make a video go viral, knowing instantly whether the video is gaining traction or not, and then begins to deal with the video accordingly, using the metrics collected.

Introducing Opulus New York's Alcantara iPhone and iPad Cases

Lamborghinis ooze luxury, style, and class. While these sports cars are beautiful and sleek on the outside, their interiors provide a sensory experience only a material like Alcantara can produce. This suede-like fabric, used for seat coverings in luxury vehicles, can now be found in an unexpected place: iPhone 5 and iPad covers.

Made by the company Opulus New York, the stylish cases feature a swatch of smooth Alcantara material, which is soft to the touch, breathable, durable, and fade resistant. As part of the company's Excecutive line of iPhone 5/5s cases and SleeveStand collection for iPad Airs, the products are clean-cut and feel wonderful, making your Apple technology look like a classy business executive with cash to burn.

Introducing The Latest App: 'Cover'

-Once all set up, your friends can add themselves to your table from their phones, and the app will automatically split the bill once you’re all finished!

New Drinking Glasses Enhance India Pale Ales

IPAs finally have the glass they've always deserved. No, not the pint, but the new Spiegelau IPA glass. Specifically designed to emphasize the hoppiness and complexity of an IPA, these glasses are an enormous step up from the steins and boots of your frat years. They were created in part by Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head and Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada-- two men who certainly know something about how to make an IPA taste great.

New Study Predicts That 12 Years A Slave Will Win Best Picture At The Oscars!

Exponential, an advertising intelligence and digital media company, has done their Oscars research and their data is showing that 12 Years A Slave will win Best Picture this year!

Exponential successfully predicted that Argo would win Best Picture last year, which gives them pretty good credibility.

The way that Exponential predicted this year's winner was through audience profiles created from every nominee. These profiles were compiled from data collection based on online behaviors of over 44.5 million devices. Once the data was collected Exponential then compared the profiles.

Introducing Hang w/ - a Social Media App Designed for the Social Butterfly!

Did you ever wish there was a social media platform made just for going out? Perhaps an app that let's you watch live footage of ongoing shows and talk with the clubbers themselves? What about an app that allows your favorite performers to actually chat with you and broadcast their sets live? Well good news, “Hang w/” an app that’s available in the iTunes store and Google Play, does it all – and it’s free!

Constructed for socialites that want to get more from their club experience, Hang w/ lets you get an intimate look into your favorite people and places in real time. With plans to go global in the near future, Hang w/ creates an exciting interactive world for its users to access 24/7.

The app's creator, Andrew Maltin, took the time to give us an in-depth look at the app.

What provoked the idea to create Hang w/?

Pixmob Will Turn Tiesto Fans Into Lightshow

On February 28th the legendary Tiesto will begin his DJ residency at Hakkasan Las Vegas, and with a little help from PixMob, the show will offer a whole new experience. Not only will a light show be presented on a screen behind the famed DJ, there will also be one in the crowd. How is this possible?

PixMob has crafted a LED bracelet that will allow fans to generate wireless video effects just by sporting them on their wrists. Using infrared to send instructions wirelessly to pixels worn by members of the audience, the technology of PixMob will bring a rainbow of color upon the crowd. Each audience member will be given a bracelet upon arrival, allowing lighting directors to produce a light show on a whole new canvas, as they change the colors of every single bracelet from their computers. The light show will be in sync with the music giving the crowd a whole new visual element to party to.

Tengrade's SXSW 'Tornado' Now Ready for Rating

Back in June, we introduced readers to Tengrade, a social rating tool that allows users to “rate an endless list of topics from politics to pizza to pop culture, and beyond, and then see what the rest of the world thinks.” The tool, which is solely based on numbers, is a unique way to get people rating their favorite restaurants, musicians, actors and more- promoting greater efficiency and universality than sites such as Yelp or Urbanspoon. Click here for a full refresher on what Tengrade is, why it landed on our "Cool Shit" blog, and how to use it.

Epson Releases Worthy Competition for Google Glass

Google Glass is the most hyped piece of technology since the iPad, but the product itself is still an impractical purchase for most people. Yes, it’s lighter and sexier than anyone would expect a computer strapped to your head would be, but it’s also the cost of a month’s rent and much less practical than a smartphone.

Luckily, for those who are interested in the tech more than the fashion statement, the widespread interest in hands-free tech has enough love to go around. Epson, a company that already had AR glasses on the market before Google Glass, has released a new, much more practical version of its Moverio BT-200.