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Gecko's Feet Inspire Stickier Tape

Most people probably consider the flaws of adhesive tape to be fundamental;one of those eminently necessary tools that seems impossibly resistant to technological progress, tape loses much of its power after it’s been applied. However, there could be a major improvement coming which will hel tape stay stickier for longer. The technology is modeled after gecko's feet, which have the adhesive power to hold 400 times their body weight, never lose their strength, and work on all wet and dry surfaces.

A Window into the Magic of Lucent Dossier Experience

Lucent Dossier Experience stands provocatively as a fusion of avant-guard performance, transformative stage design, and heart-throbbing electronic music. Clinging to little besides the progression of the live experience, this interactive troupe actively destroys the wall between performers and voyeurs.

Lucent Dossier has risen through the ranks of progressive festival acts, earning them notoriety far beyond the polo fields of Coachella Valley and their famed home at Lightning in a Bottle Festival. As the world’s stage catches up to their astonishingly innovative techniques, they affirm their role as the leaders in experiential high-art.

Dumb Starbucks 'Stunt Art' Now Stunted

Celebs, onlookers, and press members alike, flocked to the doorsteps (more accurately, the lines) of Dumb Starbucks just to get a peek at what all the fuss was about and maybe even snag a Dumb Tall Mocha Latte to-go as well. The satirical business quickly became the coolest background to selfies as well as destination to check-in at. However, few have actually made it in since the business stays draped in a long waiting.

On a Monday afternoon, the motive for the “art gallery” was revealed. Comedian, Nathan Fielder was promoting his Comedy Central show Nathan for You. The revelation came during a Press Conference to gathering talking heads from news stations. Nathan was sporting a green ‘Dumb Starbucks’ apron when he told the everyone that he planned to open a second location in Brooklyn. Comedy Central simply added that they knew of the stunt but "didn't know we were putting it up".

— ABC7 Eyewitness News (@ABC7) February 11, 2014

We'll keep watch for the fate of Dumb Starbucks in the meantime watch a clip from the advertisement below.

How To Spend Valentine's Day Alone

Valentine's Day- the official annual day of love. Some people count down the days till this romantically momentous event, while others avoid it as one would the apocalypse. If you're one of those anti-valentine types, or you just couldn't find a date in time you can still have an awesome Valentine's Day! So put down the box of chocolates and pint of ice cream and don't you dare think about popping that Nicholas Spark movie into your DVD player. Have your own fun and make Valentine's Day a little more interesting this year. (Tip #1: Don't be Elle Woods)

Even if you don't have a date this year, you'll always have your friends. Invite your favorite buddies over for some mani pedi pampering, a poker game, or a good ol' case of beers. In this case, her best friend is her dog- and he's fabulous.

Wearable Markets On The Rise

Wearable technology is firing off in the right direction this year. After the release of the Samsung Galaxy Gear and Pebble smartwatches, Google Glass is set to launch a head-mounted computing device that will ultimately obliterate the need for mobile phones.

Check Out These Hilarious Celeb Valentines Day Ecards!

Here are some of our favs. Enjoy!

Play Around This Valentines Day With The Best Sex Toys Around

Sex toys can really bring that extra element into the bedroom whether you want to pleasure yourself or your partner.

Jimmy Jane FORM 6 Vibrator - $175

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Muse Vibe - $74

Is it an adult toy? most definitely yes! this favorite among adult toy connoisseurs has vibrating ears and is handheld. Its made of silicone and is rechargeable. The best part is that its also really quiet. The muse's eyes and eyebrows also light up as you use it!

Facebook Releases Paper With Change In Mind

Facebook is notorious for updating its website but now the company has released Paper, a portable app that extends beyond the computer screen. Paper lets you choose the sections you want to read from like a digital newspaper. You can scroll through a personalized news feed on stories ranging from friends, big publishers, content creators and public figures. The app even allows you to share content with a visual preview of how your post will look to others.

When team leaders announced the release of Paper over a week ago (as part of the “Creative Labs” initiative), many tech critics wondered if the shift from the social website to the standalone app would occur in the general public. Facebook has reached over 1 billion active users and at its 10th anniversary, many skeptics/consumers say the site is no longer relevant or cool. However, Facebook went ahead with Paper in order to introduce aggressive change and develop ideas they hoped would work.

Forgotify: Play All The Songs That People Forgot To Listen To On Spotify

Introducing Forgotify, the newest form of internet radio which searches all of Spotify's libraries and plays every song that it has never played! And shockingly there are 4 million of them! That's right, 4 million songs have slipped through Spotify's radar and have never been listened to by anyone. This is a hipster's wet dream!

Forgotify uses an embedded Spotify app to remove any song that has not been played from all the Spotify playlists. On the downside, these uber unpopular songs may not be the greatest jams you'll ever hear, but hey, maybe you'll catch a diamond in the rough!

Smell-O-Vision Is Coming To Life!

Next the oPhone will make its way to The Lab Cambridge in Boston for a special public demonstration that will take visitors on a walk through Paris using only smells from the oPhone.

Hopefully if it all goes according to plan, the oPhone will be available for commercial use by the end of 2014!