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Hello Hotspot!

Just in time for the holidays, Hotspot, a brand new and innovative social media application, is now available for download through the App Store! Hotspot offers a more genuine way of connecting with others. Unlike most social media apps, Hotspot isn’t about finding new friends; it’s about connecting with your current ones. Creators Jeff Ames and Jasjit Singh realized that the discovery of new people was not the issue in social communication, but rather the actual convening of these people as “friends” in reality. Hotspot allows users to locate and contact one another for any social event, whether it be for bar hopping or impromptu meet-ups. Unlike texting, this messaging service enables the user to send out one mass message regarding an event—what, where, and when, along with turn-by-turn directions and also who is going to be there or on the way. Even better, the app is not a closed service. This means that even your those without Hotspot will receive a text message providing a link to open all of the event information in their browsers.

The Bitcoin Exchange

When Bitcoin came on the scene in 2009, many didn’t pay it any mind. Doubts in the cryptocurrency stemmed from the possibility of bitcoin being easy to hack, expensive to generate, and since it isn’t tied to a conventional value: only circulating if someone offered to buy it. Bitcoin is not linked to any underlying commodity or government which also means it can be traded with no postage, taxes, or other fees. It does not offer security in representation, but is resistant to inflation and counterfeit because of its limited supply.

The 3D Printing Revolution

Many different markets have adopted the magic of 3D printing and are now using it to their advantage. Dresses, shoes, jewelry, tools, cars, body parts, jet engines- literally the sky is the limit for 3D printing. Over at Continuum Fashion they are creating eye popping fashion from shoes to dresses to bikinis. RedEye on Demand is currently developing their second prototype called URBEE 2, a 3D printed car said to be ready to hit the road in two years.

A Techhead's Black Friday Shopping Guide

One thing we love about Black Friday- all the cool gadgets you can get for cheap. We've compiled a list of some of the best deals in electronics we could find- televisions, laptops and smartphones galore. So get your shopping game face on and go crazy. Tech nerds, enjoy.

This drone captures footage while literally doing 360-degree flips in the sky. It's the only Micro Drone in the world that carries a camera with a swiveling lens to capture all angles. If that wasn't enough to make your inner nerd giggle with joy, then how about getting it for 50% off? You can get this gadget for just $64.99 now!

Dear 90's Kids, Tamagotchi is Back!

In an age where every game you want to play can easily be downloaded onto your phone within seconds, we have forgotten what it feels like to play games on handheld devices that you actually had to beg your parents to buy for you, i.e. Gameboys, Yak Baks and Bop-It.

LeCab Takes Over The French Black Cab Service

LeCab is looking to weed out competition with the advent of their car transportation service. The French based technology startup has already raised $6.8 million to start serving customers of over 1000 corporate accounts with a black car service reminiscent of Uber- but betting on premium services.

LeCab’s website promises technology of the “ highest quality and with proven effectiveness.”

The Revolution Of A Futuristic Car

A team of engineers over at Ohio University are aiming to combine what makes up the ingredients of a reliable electric car with something outside of a commercial carmakers’ laboratories.

At The Pool Launches On Mobile

Planning a night out in the chilly city and don't want to go it alone? The new social network iOS app At The Pool's got the remedy:

Create a Shout or pro-active status update that will allow you to alert people nearby of your plans.

For example: "Anyone wanna go ice-skating?"

View available friends displayed based on proximity and make a connection that is easy and spontaneous. Choose an acquaintance, whether new or old, who are looking to meet up and go ice-skating with you.

Once you’ve meet up with that someone, proceed to the rink and let the fun begin!

LA-based startup At The Pool targets connecting people with nearby friends versus users with common interests.

Copenhagen Wheel

As the human population rises and cars clog the streets, it is more difficult to find a method of transportation that does not break the bank or destroy the planet. Bicycles are cute, but you can sweat like a pig if you ride them for too long. What if you can have the best of both worlds: the simplicity of a bicycle combined with the technology of a car? Thanks to the fundraising strength of the Boston startup Superpedestrian and the genius design from Copenhagen Wheel, the bicycle has gotten a facelift that makes getting from point A to point B faster and more efficient.

Launched in 2009 by the SENSEable City Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Copenhagen Wheel is an e-bike with artificial intelligence capabilties. The rear wheel of the bicycle is equipped with a motion-sensitive motor that detects when a rider is going up a hill, and adding electric support. The motor is battery operated, but does not require charging. The battery is able to store excess energy for later use when the rider rolls downhill.

These Wi-Fi Hotspot Cufflinks Are the Coolest Thing You'll See Today

Want to impress your tech-savvy crush? Need an unconventional holiday gift idea? Or just an excuse to get some extra Internet in your life? Red Envelope is selling a combination of USB/Wi-Fi hotspot cufflinks in a sleek design with a sliver finish. We spoted this gadget and just had to share! One cufflink can hold up to two gigabytes of data, and the other is a Wi-Fi hotspot for all wireless devices--phones, laptops, tablets, etc. Look professional while you're providing Internet access to a village of wireless electronics. Enjoy!