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5 Social Media Sites You Aren't Using

Facebook and Twitter have dominated the social media stratosphere, but with the future upon us, and constant changes in social trends, the online population is always on the hunt for a new form of social interaction. Here are 5 sites that you may not know about, and that you should consider if you are feeling you need a change from the “same old-same old" in the social networking world.

Created by the co-founder of Twitter, this site is an invite-only social media platform that allows only exclusive users to share more intuitive and original ideas. All Medium accounts seem to have some sort of link to professional publication, whether it be news, journalism, or research. In that regard, not everyone is eligible to post, weeding out the arbitrary and annoying content that appears on other sites. Unlike Twitter or Facebook status updates, Medium links its “updates” to 500-1000 word articles written by the user. Only the best and brightest seem to be able to post on Medium, and it is worth creating a Twitter account in hopes of being considered as a contributor. Given that it is a more specialized and aesthetically pleasing extension of Twitter, Medium holds promise as the new and coveted form of social communication for the future.

Could This Be the New Way To Enjoy Ice Cream?

Have you ever been in the middle of watching your favorite sci-fi show and got a hankering for a frozen treat? When you pulled it out of the freezer, did you ever think, "This isn't nerdy enough. I want a dessert that's as futuristic and scientifically plausible as the show I'm watching." We're here to tell you the wait is over: there are now Kyl21 popsicles. The world's first molecular popsicle has just been released from food designer David Marx. Complete with a design that looks like it came straight from the set of Battlestar Galactica, each popsicle has increased surface area and multiple facets--just like the surface of a cut precious stone. There is nothing traditional about this popsicle: the flavors are stamped in a format similar to the periodic table on a popsicle stick that is slanted at a sharp angle. David Marx collaborated on the idea of a mathematical shape with a three-star Michelin chef, and a manufacturer of liquid nitrogen equipment. It seems that liquid nitrogen was the key component of making sure the design held together: in order to prevent the liquid from expanding when it froze and ruining the design, an instantaneous method of freezing had to be used, hence the liquid nitrogen.

Google Glass

Although the look may resemble that of Lavar Burton's in Star Trek, the yet-to-be-released Google Glass only represents the most state-of -art technology. Glass is an incredible innovation—wearable technology in glasses form—that finally puts mankind in the same league as that of Star Trek and The Jetsons; Google Glass is the future. It is not currently available for consumers, but there are a handful currently being “tested” by “Google Explorers." Such explorers are individuals who applied for the privilege on the Google Glass website, and received a preliminary product. Its advanced technology has it priced at about $1,500, but its current “testers” are discovering that futurity can have some kinks.

Can You Hear Me When I Whisper?

Whisper is a new anonymous social community that has everyone talking. Why? Isn’t it just yet another way to connect everyone together in this overly-social world? No, Whisper offers something that seems almost absurd in a social network—anonymity. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, Whisper does not reveal your identity in any way, only allowing your contributions to post in an uncredited photo meme format, created through various photo filters and font options. The memes can then be either liked with a heart, “shouted” (posted on your own Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook) or replied to through another created meme. The creative confessions that appear are a genuine display of life—secret inner desires, personal philosophies, or daily sarcastic observations.

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear

It only took 30 years, but finally, Samsung has developed a coveted technology to the likes of those used by the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Yes, it’s real: “the telecommunicator,” but Samsung has given it more aesthetic appeal. The new Galaxy Note 3 comes newly equipped with Galaxy Gear, or a “smart watch,” that allows users of the new phone to utilize multiple options all at the convenience of their wrists. This accessory sets Samsung a step ahead in the cell phone market. Never before have we come so close to living the life of a super hero through an Android operating system!

New Prosthetic Leg is Controlled By Brain

The video below shows an incredible feat: a man walking up a flight of stairs with a robotic leg as easily as a man with two human legs. The man in the video is Zac Vawter, and he lost his leg in a motorcycle accident. But with his new leg, he can move around with little difficulty, because his robotic leg is attached to healthy nerves that run directly to his brain. The limb is entirely controlled by thought, and has a range of motion that is comparable to that of a human leg. This new technology is made possible by a collaboration between Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, designers at Vanderbilt University and Freedom Innovations, a prosthetics company based in Irvine, California. The end result is a substitute leg that is both lightweight and able to provide its wearer with a fuller life experience--no more dragging around a stiff piece of plastic. Zac's new leg allows him to tackle everyday tasks like climbing stairs, but thanks to the ability of rotating his "ankle" he can traverse sloped terrain, making more ambitious goals such as hiking possible.

Will Samsung's Galaxy Round Dethrone Apple's iPhone?

In the smartphone war, Samsung has the largest market share, but Apple is prom king, due to genius marketing campaigns and sleek designs. Samsung's latest tactical move is the relase of the Galaxy Round, the world's first curved smartphone. The curvature is made possible by a technological breakthrough, however, its practical function isn't immediately apparent. At the very least, it is attention-grabbing, and raises the question about what the curved screen could be used for. Another cool feature is the Roll Effect, which allows users to check battery life, time, and missed calls by tipping the phone towards themselves at an angle when the home screen is off.

Must-Watch: LEGO Re-Creation of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'

Artist Annette Jung has pulled off an incredible rendition of the Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video. The stop-motion video, released via Talking-Animals, is made entirely out of Lego's, and is probably the coolest thing you'll watch all day. Check out the video below, and see the magic for yourself!

Becoming The Jetsons

We all remember wanting to jump through the television and into Orbit City where the Jetson's lived. Skypad apartments, a Robot Housekeeper (and her push-button space age conveniences), jetpacks, and let’s not forget the flying saucer. The Jetsons wasn’t just a t.v. show, it was an archetype for the most desirable future. It served as a profound statement on what Americans considered a technological destiny to look like. Now more than 5 decades later, the company Quirky makes us revisit.