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The Ride Is Not Just a Tour Around NYC

New York City: where it's normal to experience the abnormal. On any given street you might see a man covered in gold paint dancing like a robot, people dressed like Mickey and Minnie Mouse posing for pictures with tourists in the middle of winter or a break dancing delivery man who treats the sidewalk like his own personal nightclub. All of these are everyday occurrences in NYC except for that last one. That delivery man isn't some attention starved derelict. He's actually one of many people that make up the cast and crew of The Ride. The Ride is a custom built bus that is causing a stir in Times Square with tourists and New Yorkers alike.

Insider's Guide: From The Airport To The Apple

So we got you around town on the Subway and let you know where to hang out while you wait for the ball to drop and now it's time to tell you how to get from New York's crazy airports to the heart of Midtown without getting lost (or having to take an expensive taxi).

From New York's LaGuardia Airport (Astoria, Queens):

LaGuardia (LGA) is the trickiest in terms of transportation. Serving mostly domestic carriers, LaGuardia is the smallest of New York City's major airports, but also causes the least amount of headaches in terms of on time arrivals and departures.

Looking Back on 2010...
'Tis the Season to be Giving

Let’s face it; we all know what the holidays are truly about: wrapped merchandise. Family, friends and loved ones are all obstacles delaying the inevitable tearing of wrapping paper and collecting of gift cards. Whether that gift is an iPad, expensive clothing or a VHS tape from your out-of-touch grandmother, most people take their holiday gifts for granted. However, this year try and remember those less fortunate and make a donation to a worthy charity like the Family Giving Tree.

Where To Hide In Times Square On New Year's Eve

Times Square. The Crossroads of the World. 42nd Street and Broadway. Midtown Manhattan. Whatever you want to call it, it's where everyone coming to New York City has to go. Before the Statue of Liberty, before the Stock Exchange, New Yorkers avoid it like the plague and tourists flock to its pedestrian-friendly esplanades adorned by five story jumbo trons. This is the place to be on New Year's Eve, of course.

No doubt it's going to be cold. And maybe even a little wet. So, let us give you the New Yorker's guide on where to go to get out of the elements and away from the masses of people, if only just for a few minutes.

Lara Croft is Back

Sporting a slew of cool weapons, a supermodel’s face and a pixilated bust line, Lara Croft quickly became the digital mascot that helped launch Sony’s first Playstation system into the gaming stratosphere. Titled “Tomb Raider,” Lara Croft’s first videogame adventure was widely hailed as one of the best games for the Playstation. It earned international acclaim and the character of Lara Croft was named “The Most Recognizable Female Videogames Character” by the “Guinness Book of World Records.” She was adored by fans worldwide, was played by Angelina Jolie in two blockbuster movies and everyone who was anyone owned her videogames.

Facebook Improves User Profiles

With over 500 million users worldwide and a hit movie dramatizing the website's creation, 2010 has been a banner year for Facebook. And while many companies would take the last few weeks of the year to bask in their success and go on a vacation, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Software Engineer Josh Wiseman recently unleashed yet another improvement to the highly influential website.

In a new blog written by Wiseman, he touts, "...now it's even easier for you to tell your story and learn about your friends." In the past, Facebook users were accustomed to prying and digging through a friend's profile before they could find out information about them. The new profile features the most important information about a person (such as where a person works, where they went to school and their current town) right at the top of their page in plain sight using a technique that Wiseman calls "conversation starters." This gives users a peak at what they might have in common with a person before they even speak to them.

History Pop Shop Opens in Time Square

Opening Monday December 6th and running through December 31st The History Channel will have its first pop-up store in Time Square. The store will feature two of the network’s top television series, Pawn Stars and American Pickers. You will be able to buy merchandise - t-shirts, mugs, bobble heads- as well as items that may have been featured on past (or upcoming) episodes such as early turn of the century hand cuffs (American Pickers), or an English WW1 sword (Pawn Stars). Every day enter for a chance to win the Daily Find item which will range from a set of Muhammad Ali trading cards as seen on Pawn Stars to a Civil War drum found on American Pickers. The store will also feature touch screen monitors which will run footage, images of the shows, and offer the chance to guess prices that lead to deals in future episodes.

Insider's Guide To New Year's Eve On The Subway

The New York City Subway. You've seen it on TV and heard urban myths about the creepy people who hang out underground in the city. Don't be afraid though, our subway is the best way to get around New York, and the safest. No matter where you are on New Year's Eve, there are only a few rules and a few ways to go.

Here's how it works...

First things first, get your MetroCard from any station. The best way to go is a day pass, just be careful, they end at midnight so you may have to get another one if you plan on hopping the train back to your hotel at the end of the night.

E-Book On Your Email

Most people can spend hours every day checking their email inbox without ever coming away with any useful information. The good folks at the DailyLit are looking to change that. After a quick (and free!) registration process you can have a wide selection of books emailed to you section by section.

The book selection ranges from classics like "Dracula" and "Robin Hood" to books on parenting and politics. Classic writers such as Leo Tolstoy and Walt Whitman are featured prominently alongside quirky authors like Kurt Vonnegut and Keith Laumer. While the selection isn't quite as vast as Amazon or Barnes and Noble, the DailyLit offers up the classics and, of course, you can't argue with the price.