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Insider's Guide To New Year's Eve On The Subway

The New York City Subway. You've seen it on TV and heard urban myths about the creepy people who hang out underground in the city. Don't be afraid though, our subway is the best way to get around New York, and the safest. No matter where you are on New Year's Eve, there are only a few rules and a few ways to go.

Here's how it works...

First things first, get your MetroCard from any station. The best way to go is a day pass, just be careful, they end at midnight so you may have to get another one if you plan on hopping the train back to your hotel at the end of the night.

E-Book On Your Email

Most people can spend hours every day checking their email inbox without ever coming away with any useful information. The good folks at the DailyLit are looking to change that. After a quick (and free!) registration process you can have a wide selection of books emailed to you section by section.

The book selection ranges from classics like "Dracula" and "Robin Hood" to books on parenting and politics. Classic writers such as Leo Tolstoy and Walt Whitman are featured prominently alongside quirky authors like Kurt Vonnegut and Keith Laumer. While the selection isn't quite as vast as Amazon or Barnes and Noble, the DailyLit offers up the classics and, of course, you can't argue with the price.

Mickey Gets Epic

Don't call it a comeback.

Disney's most memorable character, Mickey Mouse, has fallen out of favor with the general public over the past few decades. In a world where darker and more mature characters are currently all the rage, Mickey has been relegated to greeting children at a theme park and being featured on the occasional t-shirt. But that's all about to change as Junction Point Studios has decided to re-imagine Mickey to reflect the times in the new Nintendo Wii game, "Epic Mickey."

Touting a darker story and more mature atmosphere, "Epic Mickey" looks to shed the notion that Mickey Mouse is a character that only appeals to children. In the game, players will control Mickey as he draws or erases objects with his magic paint brush. While that doesn't sound too mature, players will also be able to make decisions based on their own morality. Meaning a player can decide in the game whether they want Mickey Mouse to be a benevolent hero or a killer! Yikes!

Santa's Got Style

Not even mid December and already the white bearded men have been doing their jolly duties by ho ho hoing down the pavements of New York.

Ever taken a closer look to fully see the resemblance between the fake Santa's and good ole Saint Nick?

...Think below the gut.

Mr. Clause wears a black belt while the clones wear white.

Turns out the bell ringing men wear a white belt to show they are Santa's helpers and friends. We wouldn't want to get them confused now, now would we?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Thousands gathered last night for the two-hour Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting Ceremony. Mayor Bloomberg hit the switch and the 74-foot Norway spruce lit up with 30,000 LED lights. A Swarovski crystal star topped off the tree. Some of the night’s performers included Jessica Simpson, who sang a duet with Petty Officer 3rd Class John Wesley Britt and Boyz II Men who sang Let It Snow. Kylie Minogue, decked out in a furry white cape, warmed up the crowd with her rendition of Santa Baby.

This year's tree was donated by the Acton family of Mahopac, NY. Peter Acton, a New York City fireman, attended the ceremony with his wife, Stephanie, and their two young children. Though the family had grown quite attached to the tree, they took comfort in the fact that the tree would be appreciated by millions of people. “If you had to cut down your tree and give it to any place, New York City is the place you’d want it to be,” said Mr. Acton.

Money Makes the World Go Round

Bills, bills, bills. Money is spread about everyday and the travel the green slip makes from A to B can be quite surprising. Wonder where your dollar bills have been and where they might be headed? Just ask our number one friend, George.

At Where's George, anyone can find out how a dollar has made its way from one pocket to the next. Just type in the bills serial number and current zip code. There's a second option to plug in details to later see where your current dollar in hand ends up too.

Tracking where bills go could be fun. Tracking the germs on those bills would not.

Editor's Letter: From Manhattan, With Love

I feel something different about the holiday season every year. Perhaps it's because I'm getting older and time seems to transition more quickly with each passing season. Fall turns into winter and spring into summer almost before I get used to whatever season it was before. But I always know when it's Christmas time in New York.

It has a certain smell to it. It's the chestnuts sizzling and popping on 33rd Street as you get closer to Macy's and Herald Square coming up Sixth Avenue. It's Bergdorf's windows on 59th Street as you dodge the rows of tourists hurtling down 5th Avenue glaring at their fold out maps. It has a renaissance look to it, one of days gone by, of the mad dash home at Grand Central on Christmas Eve to make it back to a family dinner before the last train heads north. In Central Park there is a man playing Silver Bells on a saxophone as his shadow flickers on the path under the old footbridge near The Pond. In Harlem you can faintly hear the echo of the Hallelujah Chorus from St. John The Divine. There is a glorious symmetry to it all, the whole affair seeming rehearsed, from parades to evening dinners with friends, to a shimmering walk under the black street lamps in the West Village. New York, you see, is Christmas. It has been for generations.

Food On Foot This Holiday Season

Get involved this holiday season with some of the most rewarding charities.

The nonprofit Food on Foot organization began in March 1996 when a man decided to take action and help Hollywood's poor and homeless. With the distribution of just one meal, the charity has now grown to serving 250 meals each week to those with low-income and who are homeless or disabled.

To ensure food security, Food on Foot took on a challenge in 1999 that actually got those in need involved and a recruitment for homeless volunteers began. With every fill of two garbage bags, volunteers are able to receive $10 food gift cards. The charity also helps giving volunteers the resources and steps toward living a better life and getting off the streets.

Wear the Wings of Victoria's Secret Angels in Soho

A Soho exhibit currently gives anyone the chance to see how they would look wearing a unique pair of wings. The exhibit is displaying nine sets of vintage wings that the Victoria Secret angels have actually worn. With just a few feet away from one another, once you've hit one embellished wing, its hard to miss the rest.

Just place feet on the mark and take a photo. The wings will seemingly hang on the shoulders of the curious with the help of a glass windowed structure. Diamonds, leather, white feathers and stunning jewels are just some of the seductive and radiant style to be seen.

The exhibit began on Nov. 19 and is being displayed until Nov. 30, when the previously recorded Victoria Secret show will broadcast.

November Snow on Streets of New York

Kicking up the heels and walking on the sidewalks of New York. First comes cement, then comes puddles, then comes...snow? Wait, but its November.

This past week those that took the 23rd route between 5th and Broadway got the chance to experience the winter season without having to wait until December. Turning the corner there were two big grass areas without the green. Snow covered bushes, small trees and it was beginning to melt.

On Monday and Tuesday morning tourists and New Yorker's took pictures with friends, and dogs and their owners walked through the blankets of white like it was any ordinary day.