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Dresses As Unique As Its States

Las Vegas has its chips, Florida has its oranges and Kansas has its yellow brick road. Every state has its own style and every state has that initial trademark that tourists compare them to. Sin City resident Robin Barcus Slonina expressed her own visions by creating interactive dress sculptures that beautifully showcase how each state is individually stunning.

Solina's "States of Dress" project covers every texture, shade and color scheme a state could possess. Some of her designs include Nevada, Wyoming, Minnesota and New York. Solina means no disrepect with her pieces because each one is meant to portray the culture that's lived and the overall beauty that every 50 places has to offer. Her New York design is essential with this--within those packed garbage bags are old copies of The New York Times.

Every stitch and concept has even landed the artist to be featured in her very own "States of Dress" documentary.

What To Do In 365 Days

Melissa Osburn, a graphic designer, blogger and nail polish enthusiast, took it to the extreme when she completed her 365 day goal of painting her nails a different design every day. A few months ago her love for nail polish went beyond her blog as she painted some of the best art right on her fingertips. Inspired by pop culture, some of the most creative include Mario Kart, Charlie Brown, Thanksgiving and Taco Bell designs.

Every day for 365 days. Now that's a lot of nail polish remover.

Retro Throwback

Retro is back and we have our parent's generation to thank.

Fashion's an obvious but what's most stimulating is browsing through compelling pieces that can make up an apartment or lifestyle. Retro phones, radios and media pieces from stores like Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters is just a taste of what's out there.

Now don't get it twisted. This is no 'like mother like daughter' and 'like father like son' business. It just shows that at least past generation's had attention-grabbing taste.

New App To Bypass The Po Po!

Keep eating those donuts coppers. There's no point in tracking me down anymore.

Introducing the Cobra iRadar, a radar detector that simply attaches to your iPhone via Bluetooth. Let the radar help in minimizing all those driving tickets you've been accumulating lately. Cobra iRadar not only will alert you about a speed trap coming up, but it'll also show the exact locations of the speed traps around the neighborhood if set on map view.

Every town has that pesky cop who won't let you slide even after using the innocent 'Excuse me officer' line. So next time you know you'll be headed in the same problematic area just flag it in your phone. It will remind you later to take it easy during that specific turn before the light.

Soon kids will be learning these gadgets in Driver's Ed. Just you watch.

Her Campus, Her Guide

Most college teens don't enter their freshman year thinking they will come out as entrepreneurs. Well, that is exactly what happened to these three Harvard students. Stephanie Kaplan '10, Windsor Hanger '10 and Annie Wang '11 all founded Her Campus in September 2009 and haven't looked back. Her Campus is an online magazine to keep college females in the know, whether it be from the founders Cambridge, Massachusetts campus or other schools across the nation. The sites content covers a variety of schools and has allowed college journalists to get a head start in the media field.

Shatter Doubt, Get Determined

The working world is tough right now with a bad economy and a lack of job openings. Chicago bred and Duke alum Amanda Holt saw this reality from the start and decided to help by giving the younger generation a very much needed outlet. In 2009 Shatterbox was created to, "...give college students what I wish I'd had: a look into the lives and motivations of fascinating young professionals."

Shatterbox isn't just a site to read over what other's have accomplished. Its a way to get inspired. Holt herself got inspired to create Shatterbox by asking friends to connect her with people who had a story to tell. "Almost everyone knows someone who amazes them. So there started a thrilling, rolling snowball of damn cool people. Essentially, it was curiosity, turned passion turned real business," Holt explains. "Shatterbox was born to show college students and grads that happy careers happen by showcasing the stories of inspiring young professionals. It offers a vibrant social community and resource blog to help passion-hungry young people find their way."

Rhapsody Tunes In To Blackberry

Listen to your tunes easier with the addition of the Rhapsody application for BlackBerry. Blackberry joins Apple and Android with allowing users to keep up with the best music through playlists and radio stations that Rhapsody's own music editors have collaborated on.

Pre-Game And Post-Game

It’s Game Day. Let the tailgating commence and the foam finger wars begin.

There’s just one problem that will leave fans bad sports. No one wants to head home to a parent’s basement after the big game. That’s where Gameday Housing comes in to tackle the situation.

Gameday Housing is better than booking a shady hotel. The website helps fans choose from a variety of homes with flat-screen and pool table entertainment. Just rent a home by the college football event and concentrate more on the beer-pong match-ups for later.

Air Africa

Flying on a budget?

Gabriel Nderitu sure is. With no formal education in engineering and nothing but his aspirations to be a role model for kids, Nderitu has put together a pretty formidable-looking aircraft over the course of a year. The aircraft is made out of a Toyota engine and some spare aluminum parts. "Impressive" is really an understatement--regardless of whether or not this thing will ever leave the ground.

It seems like aircraft homemaking has been a trend in Africa for quite awhile now. In 2007, Mubarak Muhammad Abdullahi of Nigeria took flight in his Honda Civic-turned-chopper, leveling out at seven feet off the ground. That may not sound like a lot of distance covered--but then again, when was the last time you or anyone you know built something that could fly?

No word on when these bad boys will be getting iPod connectors and in-flight movies, but we'll be sure to let you know as soon as we find out.

Whoops, Forgot Your Birthday Again

It’s your best friend’s birthday today and you only know because of a Facebook reminder. Don’t sweat it. Get on Giiv.com and send an extra bonus with that birthday text.

With Giiv, anyone can save the embarrassment from sending that belated card. Giiv offers a variety of gift cards that can be sent to that certain friend in minutes. Just find the gift, enter the friend’s number with a little note and send. Your friend will receive the text with a giiv code to take to their local retailer in order to get the real gift.

Thank you technology—you save the day again!