Cool Sh!t

Less Than 20 Hours Remain!

Ed Sullivan is out but the "BeatleShow!" is in! Experience the cover band as they play all of John, Paul, George and Ringo's greatest hits at the V Theater in Las Vegas. The two hour show's ticket price went down to $35.50 for general admission and time is running out to buy.

Incredible Time Waster

It's called Lint. You bounce around this little lint ball through an obstacle course. They get increasingly more difficult as you go on (obviously) and it is horribly addictive. I love it so much that I hate it.

Play at your own risk.

Google Celebrates With Cake

Its Google's 12th birthday today! In celebration, the company posted a digitized birthday cake logo on its site created by American painter Wayne Thiebaud.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin registered the domain 12 years ago and today it is now a multi-billion dollar company. With all that money, who needs a birthday gift?

Oktoberfest Gadget Everyone Will Need

Let the beer tasting begin. Oktoberfest is here and there's lots of bottles to get to before October 3.

With any local festival it can be hard to hold all your bottles from one beer tent to the next. Not to worry.This beer carrier doesn't just help to fit a case of six. It also allows you to have a free hand to grab some pretzels or apple strudel on the way.

Gym On The Go

Hectic schedules and social commitments. It's not surprising that its getting tough to find the time to work out. Well, stress no more. The Fit Kit Office allows you to stick to your daily routine by bringing the gym to you. Fit Kit created a portable gym that can simply be thrown in your bag and later used in whatever environment your in.

The Fit Kit has a variety of versions that include home, travel, dorm, office and golf. Some exercise equipment includes an exercise band, resistance band, jump rope and pedometer with safety alarm.

Looks like those that don't have the time will have no more excuses.

Sun, Sweat, Smoke, and Sweden!

Ok, I will admit it. My name is Matthew and I am a gear head. Despite having to get up early this past Saturday morning, I woke up before the alarm clock went off like it was my birthday; bright eyed and ready for the day’s events at the New Jersey Expo Center. When I arrived at the event, the sun was shining, it was the mid-70s, and the glimmering new Volvo S60s and countless orange cones promised this to be a great day.

As I climbed into the sport-inspired cabin of the all-new Volvo S60, I knew that I was in for a treat. I could literally feel (and maybe see) my heart beating as I inched up to the starting line of the auto-cross course. With the slight depression of the gas pedal, the car leaped off the line.

Facebook Down Day #2

Facebook announced today that the social networking super-engine was having server problems and was down or running slow for most users. Tweets about the massive outage were peaking this afternoon as bloggers and social net gurus filled the site with annoyed trending posts. Some news agencies nationwide were headlining the Facebook fallout ahead of the economy and the war.

Sleep Away Those Bags

Tired of those bags under your eyes? Well, looks like Elle Magazine’s Ask E. Jean has the solution. While sleeping simply prop up your bed frame with some books to lift your head above your heels.

Sound too easy? Yes. Is it worth a shot? Absolutely.

YouTube: Dad As Justin Bieber

Check out this Dad who thinks he is Justin Bieber. Think he is good? Or is it just tragic?

Sir Kensington, At Your Service

Sir Kensington. Merchant family upbringing and Oxford University alum. His knighthood and socialite popularity don't even begin to give him justice. What does you ask? His Gourmet Scooping Ketchup that mustard lovers first began to fall for in forums and social gatherings.

Sir Kensington was tired of all the mustards he came across. He knew there was something needed. Something more. Thus, Sir Kensington's Gourmet Scooping Ketchup was created. To fulfill the taste buds for many he created two different versions of the tasty condiment: Classic and spicy, of course.

Every knight needs a partner to get the word out and that is where Mark Ramadan comes in. Ramadan was a 2008 Economics major from Brown University and focused mainly on investment banking and consulting. It wasn't until recently that he joined his friend to promote the scooping ketchup full-time. "I used to have a food blog where I wrote more about restaurants in California and New York, but my passion for food only intersected my business interest near the end of my college tenure," he said. Thanks to the ravishing Sir Kensington, Ramadan now can have it both ways for the time being."...Sir Kensington allows me to both run an interesting business venture as well as stay close to my true love: food."