Who Makes the Cut in Best Celebrity Costume Hall of Fame?
In a world full of Halloween DON'TS, we at Joonbug are happy to report some stars who DO the holiday some justice...

Last week, we encountered some of the worst excuses for Halloween costumes that certain celebs have shamelessly flaunted. Damn, that Octomom one still gives me the heebie jeebies. For now, we can rub out that monstrosity from our eyes so we can focus on the awesome.

As I mentioned earlier, what really qualifies a costume to be considered good or bad? Physical appeal certainly plays a major part, but also the amount of effort put into the costume. If we regular folk can manage to put together an ensemble that doesn't induce vomiting, surely the rich & famous of Hollywood can make do with their lowly bank accounts that can't even buy more than 10 yachts. What's the point of life if we cannot boat AND party at the same time, am I right?

Here is a little list of just some of the best celebrity costumes over the years:


1) Sean Park & girlfriend Alexandra Lenas - Alright, alright, their costumes of Justin Timblerlake and Britney Spears are nothing too spectacular; however, the true brilliance of these costumes is the fact that the former Napster co-founder/former Facebook president was played by Timberlake in 2010's The Social Network. Talk about a little friendly payback!






2) Christian Siriano - The mere fact that we don't even blink an eye when we see the Project Runway winner in an outrageous Cruella De Vil costume, the outfit itself just screams ownage.
















3) Ciara - as Storm from X-Men. Nothing much can be said about this "Get Up" except of how accurate it really is. Halle Berry could potentially be out of a job if they decide to do another sequel. Please don't.










4) Danny Masterson & Wilmer Valderrama - That '70s Show BFFs took their bromance to a whole 'nother level by dressing up as Ponch and Jon from CHiPs. This is crazy eerie. Are you sure time machines weren't involved in this costumed pair?















5) Snooki - The Jersey Shore princess from Poughkeepsie couldn't care less if you love her or hate her. In fact, she would be delighted to rub her annoying-yet-lovable reality persona in your face. She succeeded in parodying her cartoony character by dressing up as the Pickle Queen, a little nod to her obsession with pickles.












5) Regis Philbin & Kelly Ripa - The wacky talk show pair have been always been more than happy to showcase their love for Halloween. One of my personal favorite costume changes is their Jon & Kate impersonation. Who knew Ed Hardy suited Regis so well?