Switch Up Your Halloween Candy Rut
Vintage Candy Picks Prelude the Traditional


It’s not only that time of year to get costume hunting but candy gobbling and shopping too. The few kiddies in your East Village walk-up are bound to be knocking on your door come Halloween. And, instead of the same-old run of the mill sweet finds found at your local Walgreens like traditional candy corn, twix bars and Reeses peanut butter cups, how ‘bout you take a trip down memory lane, show the littles something fresh and swoop up this years seasonal sugary mix at Lower East Side’s, Economy Candy? Get your candy swagger on and check out Joonbug’s Top 5 Vintage Candy Picks to fill your buckets with this Halloween 2013:

Atomic Fireballs

Like a kid at camp competing to see how many fireballs can be stuffed into and sustained in your mouth. Atomic Fireballs are sure to add some spark to your Halloween festivities.

Gummy Teeth

They might taste a little like plastic but they’re still uber cool and the utmost appropriate. Kids, teens, tweens and adults alike are sure to have fun with these gummy gums (literally).

Bubble Gum Cigarettes

The safer, cancer-free alternative – ‘nuff said.


A less caloric, chewier peanut-y option to our beloved Reeses pieces or peanut butter cups. Bit-O-Honey boasts a sweet name, round flavor and is fat-free. We likey!


Pick up Pez in a slew of characters from Betty Boop to Spider Man to KISS. Pez is the hard candy option that keeps on giving with its convenient refillable features.