The 11th Annual No Pants Subway Ride

One thing is certain, New Yorkers love attention. Whether they're going topless in Central Park to exercise their "rights" or dangling from the Brooklyn Bridge in protest (I guess?), they want all eyes on them, and gosh darn it, they're gonna get it one or another.

Creepy Santa Claus Hall of Shame

While I love the holidays and almost everything about them, I've never been a big fan of Santa. He always smelled musty and had terrible breath. Even as a child, I was keenly aware of it. He also just looked "off" and his beard was obviously fake. (Never underestimate the intellgience of a 7-year-old, they're more aware than they're given credit for.) Dear Parents, we're crying for a reason. We don't really like Santa Claus as much as you think. Sure, we like that he brings us presents, but we don't actually want contact with him (see above reasons). So spare us the agony, and consider ditching the mall Santa pics this year (but still let Santa know we want the new Red Ryder BB Gun). Thanks!

Candace Bushnell Single in the City Again

The Carrie Bradshaw fairytale has come to an end. Author, Candace Bushnell, 53, famous for Sex and the City, has filed for divorce from her husband Charles Askegard, 43, after 9 years of marriage. This is probably pretty disappointing news for all the Sex and the City fans who dream of worldwide success and finding love forever with their perfect "Mr. Big" in NYC.

We wonder if Carrie Bradshaw will follow suit in a dramatized 3rd movie installment of Sex and the City? Plot: Carrie files divorce from Big and goes to India to "find herself." In the end, she realizes that love is for suckers, buys 20 pairs of Manolo Blahnik's and drowns her sorrows in a sea of cosmopolitans while listening to Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" on repeat. Ugh, that sounds worse than the 2nd one.

Anyway, Candace is still pretty hot and ridiculously successful, so we're sure she'll be just fine.

Awkward Family Photos: Holiday Edition

It's the most wonderful time of the year... for the most terrible photos of the year. We love the holidays. Not only for the presents, family, and food, but for the awkward photos that ensue. Whether it's a shot of someone at the office holiday party who had one too many spiked ciders, the disappointed look on the face of the kid who just received a terrible present, or best of all; the awkward family portrait. The sweaters. The uncomfortable poses. The strained smiles. All priceless. So what better way to celebrate this wonderful time of the year, than with our favorite awkward family photos?

'Missed Connections' Book Makes Craigslist Less Creepy, More Romantic

How do you diffuse a potentially creepy situation? You draw cute pictures and romanticize it, of course. Australian-born Sophie Blackall is a Brooklyn based artist who has done just that. Over the course of her career she has illustrated over twenty children's books; and has won several awards including the Ezra Jack Keats Award, a BCCB Blue Ribbon Picture Book Award, and the Founders Award from the Society of Illustrators.

Her latest book Missed Connections veers of her normal path and delves into the hidden romance on Craigslist, believe it or not. In 2009 she started a blog where she posted a series of paintings based off actual anonymous Craigslist 'Missed Connections' postings. For anyone not familiar with Craigslist's 'Missed Connections,' it's a forum where one can post anonymous messages to strangers they were attracted to but failed to approach. Example: "Saw you in the subway, stared at you from Canal to 103rd Street. You looked a little uncomfortable, but I kept staring anyway as sweat beaded up on my upper lip. Hope I didn't creep you out. If you felt the spark too, get in touch. (p.s I swear I've never done this before.)"

Hip Hop Artist 'T-Baby' Less 'Cold in The D'

"It's less coooold in the D."

If you're not familiar with T-Baby (a.k.a Latonya Miles), she's the Detroit rapper who shot to viral video fame with her homemade music video "It's So Cold in the D." The video was originally uploaded in 2008, but was recently revitalized by MTV's Beavis and Butthead. Since airing on the show, the video's YouTube views have swelled to over 4 million. And rightfully so --given it's one of the best viral videos I've ever seen. And when I say "best" I mean it's so painfully terrible, it's good. Apparently MTV thought so too. They reached out to T-Baby and offered her $4,000 a year to air the video. T-Baby gratefully accepted and will now get $4k a year for the next five years.

hAPPy Holidays: 8 Cool Apps to Make Life Easier

Google Shopper: This app finds products at the lowest prices in your area. You also get access to special offers from "deal sites" like Groupon and Living Social.

Gas Buddy: If you're one of the lucky travelers who can drive to your destination this holiday season, you'll definitely want to download Gas Buddy. This app locates nearby stations and gives you gas prices so you can find the best deal.

What the Hell Happened Over Thanksgiving Break?

Ah, Thanksgiving. The time of year where families reunite, turkeys are consumed in copius amounts, gluttony ensues... and fellow Americans pepper spray each other to get a moderate discount on an Xbox 360. Well, at least this year. One can always rely on national holidays to ring in interesting headlines. So, in case you were in a tryptophan-induced coma for the past 4 days, here's a roundup of what happened in the interim:

New Twilight Movie Apparently Sucks [Sad Face]

[Insert a Darth Vader style "Noooo!"] I've been waiting for the new Twilight movie for months now. Sadly, I must admit, I got Twilighted last Christmas when I was sitting around gluttonous and bored back home in California. So we fired up the DVD player and I caught up on all the Bella/Edward action in about 6 hours flat. No, they're not the greatest movies of all time, but they have entertainment value and you gotta admit, it's a pretty damn good love story. While Kristen Stewart tends to be as wooden and emotionless as a no. 2 pencil, the storyline is so good, the movie-goer can grin and bear it...usually.