Kid Rock Rocks the Samuel Waxman Foundation Gala

Last night marked the Samual Waxman Cancer Research Foundation's 14th Annual "Collaborating For The Cure" benefit in New York City. The cocktail party and dinner was held at the massive concert-size venue, Park Avenue Armory. With generous donations, the foundation's annual gala has grown from a few hundred people to thousands over the years. The evening was hosted by Elin and Michael Nierneberg, along with founder, Dr. Samuel Waxman. One ever present aspect of the event was the displays of arrows pointing up. Even the lighting fixtures and centerpieces on the tables were formed in the shape of an arrow. The arrow, as explained by Dr. Samuel Waxman himself, represents the idea of always moving forward and looking up. And optimism was certainly in the air as attendees raised upwards of 2 million dollars through donations and bids on auction items alone. One highlight of the night (out of sheer cuteness) was the tan labrador puppy that sold for $13,000. The gentleman who eventually won, came out of left field to bid on the pup to his wife's dismay (who stood up and left in a huff as he was bidding). The crowd cheered and applauded, though we're pretty sure he didn't get the same treatment when he got home, puppy in tote.

Occupy Wall Street Needs a Better Strategy

What started as what protesters claimed to be a "peaceful" movement has turned into a full-on clash with authorities and residents of NYC alike. Two months ago, I posted my first coverage of Occupy Wall Street and the local disruption and was met with vehement denials that it wasn't about "disrupting" or "annoying." Turns out that's exactly what they've purposely done. Today's ambush of the subways prove that more than ever. My argument was if they wanted to piss off the "bad guys" on Wall Street they should be in midtown, where the banks really are, and they should definitely be marching to D.C. where the corrupt politicians are. The counter-argument was that it was about "symbolism" not actually affecting the guys responsible for the recession. That makes absolutely no sense to me. So instead of raising hell near the White House and in front of the actual banks, you're going to disrupt the daily lives of local businesses and residents who ARE "the 99%" and just trying to get by like everyone else? Because that's who is really affected everyday in all of this. I live in the Financial District and I'm moving by next month, largely because of the protest. The quality of life here has declined. What was once a clean, peaceful neighborhood has been taken over by mobs of angry, entitled protesters who have also attracted plenty of criminals and drifters who are riding the coattail of the "movement." Authorities arrested an Occupy Wall Street protester yesterday who was handing out flyers on how to build bombs and ranted on a YouTube video saying "We're going to burn New York City to the f--king ground!" Numerous times I've been accosted and unable to get home without showing my I.D. There's constant yelling and sirens. I've seen protesters harassing men in suits walking by. How is that okay? It feels like a warzone. In America.

Long Live Liz: Elizabeth Taylor's Items to Auction for Charity

Want to own a piece of Hollywood history? From December 3rd through December 17th, Christies.com will auction off approximately 950 personal items of the late, great Elizabeth Taylor. Items to be auctioned include custom made black cowboy boots, a Lanvin handbag, an Oscar de la Renta gown, and a Bulgari cuff. The auction will also include 22 designer handbags by Dior and Valentino, 500 pieces of jewelry (including a 33.19 carat diamond given to Liz by her husband Richard Burton) and more than 400 additional fashion pieces.

Testicle Ultrasound Reveals Ghoulish Face

What we've been suspecting all along is true --testicles do have minds of their own. When Canadian doctors reviewed a testicle x-ray of a 45-year-old paraplegic man, they were shocked to discover a face staring back at them. "It was very ghoulish, like a man screaming in pain," Dr. Naji Touma revealed to The Toronto Star. "His mouth was open and it looked like one eye was gouged out."

Hey Y'all, Pizza is Now Considered a Vegetable!

In an effort to clearly induce more obesity, Congress has declared pizza is a vegetable. That's right, 2 tablespoons of tomato paste now counts as a vegetable. But, wait a minute, aren't tomatoes scientifically a FRUIT? We are so confused now...

Earlier this year the Obama administration proposed a bill to make lunches healthier for students. The proposal would require that schools cut back on "unhealthy" sodium-packed foods such as pizza and french fries and integrate more whole grains. Republicans thought otherwise and loved the tomato-paste-as-a-vegetable idea, stating the changes would "prevent overly burdensome and costly regulations and provide greater flexibility for local school districts to improve the nutritional quality of meals."

The Forbes '30 Under 30' List

The Forbes '30 Under 30' list is officially underway. In their January issue, Forbes will feature 30 bright, talented stars under the age of 30 in 12 categories; including finance, entertainment, music, media, science, real estate and more. The best part is you have a chance to vote for someone you think is worthy! To nominate a candidate, log in here with your Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin account and post a comment with the name of the individual and why they deserve to make the list.

EVICTED: Occupy Wall Street Gets the Boot

After 2 months of 'occupying' Wall Street, protesters were forced out of Zuccotti Park this morning. The removal began around 1am and was still in the process as of early this morning. The entire area was blocked off, reporters were kept at a distance and helicopters hovered above as NYPD swarmed in numbers with a bullhorn and told protesters to gather their belongings and leave. The ones who didn't leave by choice were physically forced out or arrested. One group apparently gathered around the makeshift kitchen and chained themselves together in defiance. Witnesses inside the park claim that the group was forcibly removed with tear gas and pepper spray. Approximately 70 arrests were made and one man was hospitalized with breathing problems.

The Meatball Shop: So Many Balls, So Little Time

As many of you know, The Meatball Shop opened its third location in Greenwich Village last week. If you're not familiar with The Meatball Shop, it's, well, a meatball shop with a cult following. We got there at around 5:45pm (for some reason they didn't open until 6pm last night) and waited for the doors to open as a line formed behind us. Luckily, we were second in line and we guarded/stalked the door in a way one can only do when one is really, really hungry. At 6pm (and not a minute before) the door swung open and we got one of the best tables in the house near the back, along the wall. Within 10 minutes the restaurant was near capacity.

5 Viral Videos That Never Get Old

First and foremost, we'd like to thank YouTube for coming up with a genius site, where people from across the globe can post the most absurd videos. Before then, we only had America's Funniest Home Videos and Bob Saget --which is not saying much. What we have found throughout our viral video venture is that animals are way more funny than humans. Their complete lack of shame and self-awareness definitely makes them far better (unintentional) comedians. So if you haven't seen these videos already, enjoy. For those of you viral video connoisseurs, here's a little something to refresh your memory.

'Picturing Marilyn' Presented by Dior & Weinstein Company

Last night Christian Dior and the Weinstein Company hosted an exclusive preview at Milk Studios of the two day only exhibit 'Picturing Marilyn.' In celebration of the upcoming film My Week With Marilyn, the exhibit displays 62 rare, unseen photos of the late icon. Including several photos from "The Last Session" taken by Bert Stern, just a few weeks before Marilyn's mysterious death. It also included an unpublished shot of her in a black, backless Dior gown. To honor that shot, Dree Hemingway made an appearance in a replica of the gown worn by Marilyn during that last photo session in 1962. Hauntingly beautiful!