John Travolta Under the Bus, Doesn't Seem to be Coming Out Anytime Soon

Poor John Travolta. It seems everyday there is a top story about his alleged homosexuality. The famed actor continues to get thrown under the bus amidst continuous allegations and he doesn't seem to be coming out (in more ways than one) any time soon. From cross-dressing photos exposed to sexual harassment suits filed by male massage therapists and alleged relationships with male porn stars and his personal pilot Doug Gotterba, Travolta's personal life is anything but personal.

Happy Friday: Here's Drake Receiving a Slice of Humble Pie from T. Boone Pickens

You might know rapper Drake a.k.a Drizzy by his rap-love-ballad lyrics or perhaps from his pre-rapper days on teen angst television show Degrassi. Or maybe you just identify with his eyebrows. Either way, the Canadian/Jewish rapper received a smackdown from oil tycoon, T. Boone Pickens, after humble-bragging about his "millions." On Twitter, of course.

The micro-blog site has quickly become the go-to spot for celebs to diss and be dissed. And we're guilty of kinda loving it. We only wish we could get "stunted on" by T. Boone Pickens about our "millions." Sigh.

Here's how it went down. [via Gizmodo]

And if that wasn't enough for you, here is a reenactment from Chris D'Elia of what we suspect happened afterward:

'Cleaning Fairy' Bandit Nabbed for Unsolicited Maid Service

A Westlake, Ohio woman dubbed the "Cleaning Fairy" was arrested after breaking into a home and, well, cleaning it. Local resident, Mallory Bush, awoke to not only a cleaner apartment, but a bill for $75 on a napkin.

"Stuff was moved around and it was cleaner. On a napkin note it said, 'came here to clean today' and had a name and address and a bill for $75, so I figured my parents hired a cleaning person," Bush told ABC News.

When investigators tracked down the "Cleaning Fairy" via the info she left on the napkin bill, she became "irate" before hanging up and yelling she "does this all the time!"

Deconstructing the Shady NYC Bodega

Sure, NYC bodegas are convenient, typically have good variety, and obviously really ridiculously adorable cats. But hidden within such benefits are some very serious cons, namely the "Entrapment" style price gouging. No, I'm not talking about the $5 11.2 oz. coconut water or the $6 bowl of borderline rotten fruit --at least they have price tags attached (most of the time). I'm talking about the menu and prepared food items, and unpriced mystery products.

Recently, I stumbled upon a bodega called City Market Cafe on 5th Avenue near 23rd Street. Truthfully, I thought I had found my new go-to breakfast spot. I ordered a one egg and cheese sandwich on a roll. At only $1.75 plus .50 cents for cheese, it was a steal! Add on $1.95 for a small iced coffee, and I was styling at under $5 bucks for breakfast. However, when I went up to the register, the cashier rang my sandwich up for $2.45. --.20 cents more than it was listed on the menu. Oh well, it was .20 cents, whatever, I was getting a great deal anyway so I went on with my day. I returned again the following morning for another breakfast sandwich. I did notice the menu had two prices for egg sandwiches listed as one egg for $1.75 and two eggs for $1.95. I thought to myself, "Oh the lady must have assumed I had a two egg sandwich." Followed by, "Wait, why did she automatically charge me for 2 eggs instead of asking if I had one?" Again, it seemed wrong but I overlooked it.

Hangin' at the Harboring Hearts Spring Gala

Last night was action packed, to say the least. One of our stops amongst the evening's festivities was at the annual Harboring Hearts Spring Gala held at the Rubin Museum of Art in Chelsea. On any given night you can find a multitude of charity happenings throughout NYC. Harboring Hearts managed to win our hearts for the evening not only for a worthy cause but for the salted caramel brownies and gelato stand alone. We know, we know, it's about the cause, not the food, but as closet foodies, we're always kinda obsessed with culinary delights. And they certainly helped enhance an already lovely evening.

Ultimate Spectacle Launches in the UES

We love sunglasses. And parties. And beautiful bubbly entrepreneurs. So when we heard about the opening reception for a new one-of-a-kind eyewear boutique in the Upper East Side founded by the adorable Jaclyn Edelstein, we had to check it out. Ultimate Spectacle, located at 789 Lexington, is the new go-to spot for fashion savvy shoppers looking for high fashion, hard-to-find frames as well as specialized eye care. Not only can you find the hottest new styles, you can also get a comprehensive eye exam onsite, while eyewear experts fit you with ideal frames suited to your facial structure. And they know what they're doing! After glancing at me for a mere 5 seconds, they were able to instantly pick out two frames that fit my face perfectly.

[PICS] Refinery 29 + Warby Parker's Internet Week Bash

If you didn't make it out this year for Internet Week, we hate to break it to you, but you totally missed out. Amazing things are happening right now for tech in New York and the energy at HQ transmitted from the panels to the parties. Last night Refinery 29 along with eyewear maker, Warby Parker, hosted their very fashionable official Internet Week party at The Mondrian's Mister H bar. The evening brought together fashion lovers and techies alike. And rightfully so. Fashion technology is moving into the next wave of development. From the explosion of sites like Pinterest, Shop Style, Stylecaster, and of course Refinery 29, we can only expect more exciting innovations from fashion tech media.

Happy Friday: So This is What Khal Drogo Has Been Up To

So this whole time I've been losing sleep wondering what happened to the Dothraki's finest warrior. Well I found him. Turns out he's doing just fine, everyone. We can all relax now!

[VIDEO] Inside the Webby Sessions with Mashable's Pete Cashmore

Pete Cashmore is one of the most interesting and inspiring success stories of the blogosphere. At just 26 years old he has accomplished more than people twice his age, and continues to innovate not only within the tech world but in the media business as a whole. He stands as a figure of originality and what can be accomplished when you strive for your goals. His journey from teenager to media mogul started back in Aberdeen, Scotland when he was just 13 years old and suffered complications after having his appendix removed. His condition left him bedridden and his only escape and connection to the outside world was through the internet. By the time he was nineteen he had launched Mashable.com. His little personal blog (he described as "not very good") went on to become one of the biggest most influential blogs in the world. We were lucky enough to get in on his Webby Session at Internet Week yesterday to hear his story and insights live. (And for those of you wondering, yes, he is just as tall and dreamy in person!)

Check it out: