[PICS] Internet Week Kicks Off with a Bang

Internet Week New York kicked off with a bang in SoHo Monday night. After a jam-packed day of exciting discussions including the Webby Sessions featuring Buzzfeed's Jonah Peretti and Jon Steinberg, and The Rise of the Anti-Lady Mag, techies from across the world put away their laptops and came together to celebrate at the headquarters' massive 8,000 square foot space. The opening party featured several open bars, live music, DJ sets, as well as numerous photo booths and free makeovers by Revlon. We'll call this the "tame" portion of the evening. The real wildness went down at a late night rager till 4am (that even we had to throw in the towel early for) at Tribeca Grand Hotel.

Marc Jacobs Turns Vandalism into Capitalism

What do you do when your storefront gets vandalized with graffiti? Call the police? Cry? Scrub it off? No. You do as Marc Jacobs does and you just make a really, really expensive t-shirt. Like, $700 expensive. In light of Jacobs' SoHo storefront being vandalized with "Art" by a graffiti artist named Kidult last week, the eccentric designer decided to once again do the unexpected.

He's now offering a baby pink t-shirt with a photo of the vandal's artwork that reads "Art by Art Jacobs." If you don't have rent to pay, food to buy, or like basic common sense, run down to your local Marc Jacobs boutique and drop $680 plus tax on this baby now!

Happy Friday: That Doesn't Make You a Model

We're not sure where this gem of a video has been hiding, but we just discovered it last night, and have collectively watched it and laughed for at least 12 hours straight. Yes, we're clearly behind on the times on this one, but we're sure we can't be the only ones. So here it is. Happy Friday!

BungaNO: Sacco's Plans to Revive Bungalow 8 Shot Down

It looks like Amy Sacco's Bungalow 8 will not be taking up residence at 357 W. 16th after all. The local Community Board 4 denied approval for the new spot situated next to the Dream Downtown. As CB4 member Robert J. Benfatto Jr. told the Post,“[We] reached an agreement [the space] will not be called Bungalow 8 (or Bungalow anything) and that Amy Sacco ‘is not and shall not be an employee, owner or consultant’ at that location." Ouch, looks like the neighborhood doesn't want Sacco or any kind of "bungalow" near them.

Plans to relaunch the new hotspot hit a snag last week when the board requested the venue's liquor license be put on hold until a hearing on Tuesday. From there, the venture went down hill, leaving Sacco and her partners LDV Hospitality "scrambling for a new concept," according a source. Fears that the spot would bring a rowdy late-night crowd is what ultimately led to the decision, as one board member told the Post, "The Bungalow 8 that was on 27th Street and Amy Sacco have nothing to do with a gastropub, nothing to do with food — only to do with bottle service, Page Six and celebrities."

Deadmau5 Almost Serves Up the Meatpacking District Well-done

The meatpacking district was almost served up well-done last Friday night when Deadmau5 lit up an air horn at club Provocateur during his new song "The Veldt," causing a flame that nearly lit himself and the crowd on fire. After the set, he tweeted, "Omg I actually lived through that . . . Nearly blew up myself and a Buncha people in the booth. Pyros a b*tch.”

The trendy Canadian DJ, born Joel Zimmerman, is known for his thumpy house music and wearing a gigantic mouse bobble-head often adorned with multi-colored lights. No word on if the bulbous head had anything to do with the incident. The crowd was said to consist of over 300 attendees including Hilary Rhoda, Ciara, and Yo Yo Ma.

Tubby Tabby Heads to Kitty Heaven

Meow, the morbidly obese 39-pound tabby died over the weekend due to respiratory distress and pulmonary failure. The Garfield-like kitty shot to fame in recent weeks after his elderly owner turned him into the Sante Fe Animal Shelter after she was no longer able to care for him.

As most celebs do, Meow traveled to New York and took to the talk show circuit appearing on the Today show and Anderson Cooper. Oh yay, how cute, that fat cat is on TV! Not.

We're going to go out on a limb and conclude that taking him across the country to do talk shows did not help his health and most likely further stressed him out, leading to his death. Alas, people are always looking to make a quick buck, unfortunately this time at the expense of poor Meow.

Shameless Hotdog Hooker in Hot Water Again

The big story on the New York Post today is that Long Island's 'Hotdog Hooker' Catherine Scalia is in hot water again for slinging more than Ballparks out of her camper. After doing a 4 year stint in jail from 2004 to 2008 for similar charges, the Hotdog Hooker is back in the slammer after an undercover cop caught her offering up off-menu wiener services.

It was only a matter of time before the shameless wiener wrangler was nabbed again as she did little to cover her tracks. Amongst her clearly guilty behavior, she handed out business cards titled "Strips-R-Us" offering "bachelor party" services, "stripteases," and "topless cleaning." She also previously posed for some ridic pics (inset), wieners in hand, chest out, with a mischievous smirk (inset).

A Star is Born: Tan Mom Fires Back at Snoopy...err Snooki

Tan Mom went on another rampage today when paparazzi asked her what she thought about Snooki calling her crazy on Extra yesterday. Tan Mom, mistakenly referring to the Jersey Shore reality show trainwreck as "Snoopy" fired back with, "She's the biggest a**hole in the world. She's fake, she's fat, her t*ts are fake, she's disgusting." Her rant concluded with, "When this is all said and done, I'd like to meet up with 'Snoopy!'"

Someone should probably warn Snoopy to book it if he sees a catcher's mitt-like lady running towards him.

It's Friday, More Importantly, National Star Wars Day!

Hello Nerds, we know that you are all very excited that it is National Star Wars day. In honor of the most important day of the year, we would like to post a bunch of cool Star Wars stuff for you to look at. If you're a true Star Wars fan you've probably already seen most of this stuff, so let's relive the magic.

May the Fourth Be With You!

Darth Vader NOOOOOO!

Star Wars Galactic Empire State of Mind

This amazing Yoda backpack.

DIY: The 10 Minute 'Gem' Manicure for $10

So many of us are pressed for time these days. Between work, school, relationships, socializing, and hopefully working out, we barely have time to brush our teeth. So what do you do when Friday rolls around or you have a big event to attend and your digits look like a hot mess? Taking 40 minutes at the salon is out of the question, and busting out the nail polish remover and going 'bare' always leaves that dry, after-polish stain. So what now? Well, ladies, the fix is just a few minutes (and dollars) away. We all know 'gem' glitter tones are huge this season, and we're pretty excited about that because getting the look at home could not be easier. The reason this is so incredibly fast and easy is that glitter polish does not show flaws and by sticking to neutral tones, you can literally do it in under 10 minutes. The key is ditching dark tones, by implementing neutrals and light pinks this mani is fool-proof. Again, no dark tones for this method! If you really want those blood red nails, you'll have to save it for another time because attempting to apply dark polish in a hurry is asking for a disaster!